Barnes and Noble MiniMaker Kids Faire Nov 6-8 (littlebits)

OK, they are not going to have any SmartThings equipment that I know of. But, Barnes & Noble, along with make magazine, is doing a kids maker event for three days in November. Including littlebits. And littlebits has an IFTTT channel. So if you’re in the US, anything you can make with littlebits, you can integrate with SmartThings through the IFTTT channel. :sunglasses:

if you haven’t seen them, littlebits are basically Lego like blocks with electronic components. Sensors, switches, LED lights. You can do a lot with them. If you want to connect to IFTTT, you need the “cloud bit,” which adds Wi-Fi connectivity.

They are not inexpensive. But they’re not crazy expensive either. A typical sound sensor is maybe 15 bucks. I think the Wi-Fi piece is the most expensive. But they’re a great way to get kids into engineering and practical physics. Because you don’t need to get into any of the soldering or chemicals or even filing and drilling parts. You can go right to the electronics. Focus on design, logic flow, how electricity works, why gravity matters, and the outcomes.

Anyway, should be a fun family event for a lot of people. Just set your takehome budget ahead of time so you don’t end up promising a project that will cost a 1000 bucks. But of course while you’re there you can play with as much as you want. :sunglasses: :bulb: :rotating_light: :zap: :pushpin: :inbox_tray: :low_brightness: :outbox_tray: :round_pushpin: :triangular_ruler:

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