Little Bits, one day only, sept 27, 2016: 25% off everything

Little bits are basically Legos with working electronics. So you can put things together without needing to solder anything and build a lot of simple devices.

I think they’re great for teaching kids about electronics. They can also have some practical uses in home automation. For example, they have a good acoustic sensor.

They have a Wi-Fi bit and an IFTTT channel so you can get indirect integration with SmartThings that way. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi bit is the most expensive thing they sell, list price $59. So that on its own really runs the price up.

Anyway, I don’t think most people will get into these as HA devices, But if you have kids who are intrigued by your home automation system, this can be a fun family project to introduce maker skills. And they can end up with something that actually works with your SmartThings installation. :sunglasses:

The website also has a ton of project reports on fun things for kids to design and build, some of which could also be done with other devices.

The company is now five years old, and for today only they are offering and anniversary special of 25% off everything with the code 5YR25OFF