Robot Vacuum


I am looking for a Robot Vacuum that will integrate with Smartthings. Can anyone recommend one?
Should I get a Roomba 650 and add a thinking cleaner plate or will a Roomba 980 be a better choice? Or maybe a Neato Connected will be better? I understand that it can be integrated to Smartthing with a Raspberry Pi. The other option is Samsung POWERbot, which I believe is support by Smartthings officially. But I do not know what kind of support it will have in the ST app.

The Dyson 360 is out of the question as it is way too expensive now.


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There are plenty of threads already discussing this:

There is only ONE robot vacuum cleaner that is OFFICIALLY integrated which is one of the Samsung ones. The next best option is a Roomba 650/700/800 series. You need the Thinking Cleaner WiFi module and the link @pizzinini provided.

There is some success with one of the Neato’s but it’s a lot more hacky. There is some work going on with the Roomba 980 but I don’t think any integration has come out of it yet.

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There’s another thread posted today. Samsung model is on sale right now at

Thanks for the feedback guys. I am leaning towards the Roomba 980 due to it’s ability to change suction power based on the dirt detection. I really hope someone manages to integrate it into smartthings.

Roomba 980 is the best robotic vacuum you can get. It’s third-party integration friendly, has powerful features, enhanced vacuuming power and the carpet boost.

Dyson 360 is plain rubbish. Even the newly-released Roomba 690 exceeds it in terms of functionality.

Is the 980 the only one that supports any kind of integration or automation? Would consider one of them, but do not want to spend $700+

The Neato D3, D5 and D7 support it using the following:

I have both the D3 and D5.