RIP Revolv


(Kevin Tierney) #1

Had to know this would come at some point. This is posted on their website. One less competitor for ST

A letter from Revolv’s founders:

We’re shutting down Revolv.
Revolv was a great first step into the connected home. It wasn’t perfect, but we worked hard to make something we - and other smart people - could build on.
And it worked. In 2014, we were bought by Nest and the technology we made became an integral part of the Works with Nest platform. Now Works with Nest is turning into something more secure, more useful and just flat-out better than anything Revolv created.
So we’re pouring all our energy into Works with Nest and are incredibly excited about what we’re making. Unfortunately, that means we can’t allocate resources to Revolv anymore and we have to shut down the service. As of May 15, 2016, your Revolv hub and app will no longer work.
Thank you for your support and believing in us. We’re sad for the end of Revolv, but this isn’t the end of the connected home. This is the beginning.

  • Tim & Mike

What happens to my Revolv service?

As of May 15, 2016, Revolv service will no longer be available. The Revolv app won’t open and the hub won’t work

Article on Revolv's fate
Article on Revolv's fate
Are We Crazy to Buy Into the Internet of Things?
(Bobby) #2

Can this be the actual sign that folks at Nest are about to launch something big? Currently the “Works with Nest” program is by no means “more useful and just flat-out better than anything Revolv created”. It will take a LOT to prove that statement to be true.

(Geko) #3

It worked? How come Revolve does not work with Nest then? What a joke! Really feel sorry for all the fools who paid $300 for this useless junk.

P.S. Thinking of it, I guess it did work, but only for the two a$$holes (Tim & Mike) :smiley:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4

Substitute some date and SmartThings in the above sentence … :scream:.

(Bobby) #5

And why would that be “breaking news”? It has happened at least several times in last few months :slight_smile:

(Geko) #6

Yep, this should be a warning to everyone not to trust any product that’s tied to a cloud and is not open source.

Speaking of which, when is SmartThings going to publish open-source portions of the hub firmware, @jody.albritton ?

(Ben W) #7

I heard a rumor that Nest just wanted the Revolv talent and did not care about their product.

Wonder if they are going to really expand the “Works with Nest” to make it a true connected home.

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #8

Now there’s a stern warning for anyone hooking their hopes and work onto a service, rather than local processing.

(Benji) #9

Wow, I’d be livid if a $300 device just stopped working because they basically couldn’t be bothered any more. $99 I can swallow, I’d be pissed but it’s passable, I sincerely hope all Revolv owners get a free OnHub or whatever is the future of “Works with Nest”.

(Bobby) #10

NoHub, you mean? Couse literally that’s what they’ve got for helping them get a big fat check from Google.

(Marc) #11

2 years ago when deciding which hub to go with I chose ST over Revolv for 2 reasons: price and IFTTT integration. I couldn’t see myself spending $300 on a hub with the market being so newly established. For once, I made the right decision :slight_smile:

(Kevin Tierney) #12

That seems to often be the case. By the IP and the talent and ditch the company’s existing product

(Kristopher Kubicki) #13

Yep, this should be a warning to everyone not to trust any product that’s tied to a cloud and is not open source.

Revolv was local processing though…

It was an acquihire

(Ben W) #14

Correct it was an acquire, but there are a few reasons to acquire a company. For their product, for their patents or for their talent.

I think Nest didn’t care about their product, just talent.

If revolv was local processing then it should still work if they shut down service. It may have been local processing like ST , so maybe 10% local and 90% cloud.

(Benji) #15

I think you missed the subtle play on words…

(Shelley Powers) #16

More on this

(Marc) #17

I am extremely concerned with the future of Nest with all of the articles I have read. I have 7 Protect’s and 4 thermostats, which totals almost $2,000 of hardware invested into them that they can just switch off whenever they want. Scary.

(Bobby) #18

That’s exactly what happens when you put lunatics in charge of your company #getfadellout! I am afraid that he won’t get fired until people start boycotting Nest products.


Anything which requires the cloud or which has optional cloud features but can force local updates can eventually be bricked by the company.

A wiFi-capable phone which allows you to refuse updates can likely continue to run on your local WIfi even if it lost the ability to,make mobile calls. Similarly a local zwave controller with no forced updates should run as long as the physical device is sound.

But once there’s a required cloud component you’re likely only guaranteed service for the warranty period.

(Marc) #20

Yes, I definitely knew this was a risk with all of this home automation, but it just has me thinking thousands of $$$$'s later :slight_smile: