Are We Crazy to Buy Into the Internet of Things?

Continuing the discussion from RIP Revolv:

I believe it’s in the interests of this Community to continue discussion of cloud-dependent IoT services that was hastily closed and delisted by our so called “Developer Advocate”. I wish they were killing bugs as fast they kill “inconvenient” discussions.

This particular passage concerns SmartThings as much as Revolv:

The solution is fairly simple: make it possible for the devices to work independently of their cloud services over WiFi or Bluetooth. We can understand that certain features just won’t work without the Internet, like some of the heavy data-crunching that a device like the Nest thermostat uses in order to make predictions about when to turn the heat up or down. But it’s absurd that you can’t use your phone to control a device like the Revolv hub without an Internet connection, even if the thing is sitting 10 feet away from you.


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