RIng Pro with Pro Chime and free Echo Show 5 at Best Buy -Black Friday

Get a ring Pro with the pro chime and a free Echo Show 5 for $179.99 at Best Buy

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I got the deal and now wondering if anybody can help me replace my wired old doorbell which is in too narrow a space to put the Ring. Can the wire to an old doorbell be extended?

Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, guys!

You may find some extra wire stuffed down inside the wall. If not, there’s no problem with just splicing in another few feet of wire or just using the old wire to pull a new longer wire. Depending on where you want to move it, the issue would be appearances if you have a stud between where the wire is now & where you want to run it to, if you don’t want it to be exposed/visible.

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Thanks a lot! Will check it as soon as I pick it from Best Buy.