Ring now requires two factor authentication for all accounts

This is a good thing, both for ring specifically and for the industry in general. Ring now requires all accounts to activate two factor authentication.

2FA Means that just having the password isn’t enough to get you into the account. Instead, every time there is a new sign on attempt, a temporary code will be sent to the phone number or email (Account holders choice) associated with the master account holder, and that code will have to be entered as well as the password.

This greatly reduces the problem or someone who uses the same password on a bunch of different accounts has their password exposed on a hacker site.

So far, all of the news stories I have seen about malicious people getting hold of a ring camera account were this kind of intrusion. Not ring itself being hacked, but the person having their sign in credentials exposed in some way outside of ring.

This was announced earlier in the week, but now appears to be available for most customers. :sunglasses:

(My apologies if I missed an existing thread on it, I searched and didn’t see anything)

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I find it interesting Ring didn’t require 2FA until after Nest announced they would require it. Seems like they were scared to be the first.

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Yes, I think everybody was worried about market impact, but once one did it, then they started all considering it.

I also think that Apple’s new HomeKit secure video is a factor. (That will encrypt the video before it goes to the cloud, so even if somebody hacks your cloud account they can’t get to your video. And company employees will not be able to access it, something that’s been an ongoing issue for nest.)

I don’t expect other companies to match it, it requires a lot of computing power on the local devices, but I think it does raise the question of security up into the marketing again.

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Arlo is joining the 2FA party…

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