Ring Doorbell, ST Button, and 433 MHz Gate Control as Intercom System? (Singapore)

What about an Arlo cam like what you suggested, can the hub push an arlo notification.

Interestingly exploring the Smartthing apps on my phone, i came about the ikea button,. Not sure if it can be customise to send notification.

@rboy is an expert on cameras and I am definitely not, so hopefully he’ll chime in. :sunglasses:

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You can check our Ring and Arlo, they do integrate with Smartthings but from what I’ve seen they tend to issues with the integration from time to time. No setup is going to be perfect, SmartThings currently has limited support for video integration with the new platform, something we’ve been requesting for a long time.

If you want video with the new platform, then I believe it’s Arlo, Ring and select Samsung cameras. If you want to use the Classic app you can use Foscam, Amcrest and a few others.
If you’re looking for a motion detected notifications on the new platform, then you can consider Arlo, Ring, Foscam and Blink. Some of these are custom integrations and each again has their own limitations, for example Arlo/Ring are Cloud to Cloud integrations, Foscam is run locally on your hub, Blink uses IFTTT.

It comes down to what specifically you’re looking for.