Ring doorbell: Motion trigger lights only between sunset and sunrise?

How can I set up for Ring doorbell to trigger lights to turn on between sunset and sunrise only?

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First, just to get this out of the way, this forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform, so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. So we do need to ask if you are using the Samsung SmartThings app?

If you are, the next question is, what model is the ring doorbell? Some models are included in the official smartthings integration, and some are not. :thinking:

Assuming the answer to @JDRoberts questions is that you have a supported doorbell and are using the ST->Ring integration in the ST app, you can create a Routine that says:

If Period of time is Night (Sunset->Sunrise)
Ring Doorbell Motion Detected
Turn on some light

When time is used in a Routine, it is automatically a pre-condition which is used as bounding condition(s) for a triggering event like motion detected, door opened, etc.

You can also do offsets to Sunrise and Sunset so that you can have it be something like 30 mins before Sunset or 45 minutes after Sunset.

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The OP may want to add to that;
Light is off

In case the light turning off causes the motion sensor to react. Will leave it up to others to debate the merits.


Apologies, yes I am new to SmartThings as I finally gave up on Wink. I have my ring doorbell integrated with SmartThings and can view it in the app.

I am totally new to SmartThings so please feel free to talk to me like a child lol. I didn’t see “night” as a “If” trigger. I’m coming from Wink and could setup routines to only trigger between sunset and sunrise. I had one that the doorbell would turn lights on only over night for a set amount time when it detected motion. And one using geofencing that If I left or came home would turn certain lights on or off only at night.

Sorry, I figured you would look under the Time section of the “If” statement in a Routine. If->Time->Period of time->Night.

In the Action section of your Routine, you can set the light to come on and then Auto turn off after a period of time.

Here is an example of the Routine:

You can also use a similar Routine but instead of motion triggering the Routine, you would have “Member location” be the trigger (assuming you’ve enabled location tracking in the ST app). Some people report that the ST location tracking is not very reliable or doesn’t work at all. It seems to vary by what phone they have, what version their phone OS is, etc, etc. There are other options for location tracking using Alexa, IFTTT, and others that some folks find more reliable but involve a bit of configuration using virtual devices to represent the location state from one app showing up in the ST app.

I wrote a really long post based on a mistaken assumption, so I’m just going to remove it and leave you with @h0ckeysk8er ’s much better answer below. :sunglasses:

In this case, I was referring to the Sunset->Sunrise option in the Time triggers of Routines which is labeled as “Night”.

WRT to the Smartlighting smartapp, there are multiple threads where folks say that it has not been reliable for the sunrise/sunset times in their locations. With the option to do Sunrise->Sunset and Sunset to Sunrise in Routines now, the general recommendation I’ve seen folks provide when the times don’t match is simply to use a Routine.

Didn’t even think about Location mode, but that is yet another way to skin the cat in the ST app :slight_smile:

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After your last message I dug around a little more and I think I have it. Geez thank you so much! After your advise I can “I think” drop down to having SmartThings handle everything instead of three different apps for certain routines. Wink didn’t play well with my Ecobee thermostat and Alexa couldn’t to just do nighttime.

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ST does ok for basic Ecobee activities like setting temperatures and changing modes like heat/cool/auto. It can’t change between Comfort Settings because Ecobee didn’t include that in the ST->Ecobee integration. You can, however, change that in the Alexa Ecobee Plus skill using voice commands so you can create an Alexa routine that uses custom actions to mimic the voice command. You can then trigger that from from a ST Routine using a virtual device.