Ring doorbell gets HomeKit certification ( but not yet available to customers)

Please, please please… :laughing:

Amazon promised that their acquisition of ring did not mean the end of HomeKit compatibility plans, and it looks like they’re going to carry through. No word on when this will actually be released to customers yet, though.

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I assume this requires an app update for Ring?

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At least. You can’t tell just from that and whether it will require a firmware update to existing ring devices, or a bridge, or whether it won’t be possible with all existing models. Any of those could be true, we will just have to wait to see. But definitely an app update if only to be able to add the devices to HomeKit.

I don’t own any ring devices yet, but they are on my candidate list for once HomeKit integration is available.

It may turn out that for my purposes the Arlo 4K will be a better fit, But competition is almost always good. :sunglasses:


No announcement on Apple’s supported site yet…


Apple won’t list it until the manufacturer site is ready.

Right now this is the equivalent of the device showing up in zwave products catalog. It could still be months away from a manufacturer announcement.

This forum is customers helping other customers with the Samsung SmartThings Home automation system.

While Amazon Alexa integrates with SmartThings, the Ring-iOS integration is not associated with SmartThings. You might be better off discussing this integration in the following forums:



Note that you will need to read and write in German in order to utilize the Apfel forum.
(runs for cover, laughing)

Ring integrates with SmartThings, and we get multiple requests in this forum every month for devices that work with both HomeKit and SmartThings. We even have an FAQ about it. So it’s still on topic. :sunglasses: