Ring Alarm

Here’s the only gripes I have with the ADT hub. other than these I think it is a great solution.

  1. I cannot have the alarm set at a certain time automatically.
  2. I cannot decide what items get bypassed in arm stay. The only reason this is a big deal for me is because I bought a single motion sensor to use for my sun room instead of buying 8 door/window sensors, when the single motion sensor covers everything. I just feel like I have no control over or even have the ability to set zones.

That’s it. Other than those two gripes, I think the ADT solution is the best I’ve found over 4 other systems I’ve tried.

Now, I haven’t tried your ADT integrations, but it’s on my list of things to do. Hopefully it addresses one or both of those gripes =)


Issue 1 can certainly be addressed by ADT Tools 2. Simply put once the alarm mode integration is configured with the virtual buttons you just need to create an automation to trigger the buttons push to change to that mode at the time you want to.

Issue 2 is a bit different and ADT Tools won’t do anything with bypass. It is my understanding that in general all motion sensors with alarms are intended to disable when people are home and active when away. It would be to easy to trigger an alarm with a motion sensor with people present. You may be able to create a alarm alert action that run as a non ADT sensor alarm though and use that for the sun room sensor when in arm stay.

Ring announced the ability to have a z wave lock connect to the alarm and disarm it. I was pretty excited about it except that I already have the lock pairs with ST and automated with some lights. Can’t have it paired to multiple hubs. I wish Ring or ST would incorporate a little better. But I’m also thinking that Ring might start to enter the smart home market by making the security hub a gateway like ST? They’d have a lot to catch up on to make me switch though.

If ring enters the smart home market, me personally, im gonna pay close attention because ill bet they move alot quicker then samsung.


Been playing with Ring + SmartThings with asishrs/smartthings and I found it works really well (kudos for asishrs) but I also wanted be able to use all Ring sensors in my automations so I forked to https://github.com/javier-jm/smartthings

Downside of the current state is that it relies on polling every minute, I just requested access to ring.com/partners hopefully I can review the APIs to see if they have any push notifications we could use instead.



@javierj, did you make any progress here with the API?

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I added the Ring plugin to my Homebridge yesterday and I am using automations in Apple Homekit to sync it with SHM. It works like a charm. Ring and SHM arm/disarm sync works both ways with only ~1sec delay.


I have been able to add the ring devices to Homebridge and Homekit, but is there a way to get the to show up as devices in Smarthings?
Homebridge-Smartthins-v2 seems to only get Smartthings Devices to show up in Homekit.
Thank you for all your help,

Is there any update on Samsung support other alarm systems? Is there any plan to support Ring?

As of late 2019, SmartThings had released its API and it is now up to other device manufacturers to create integrations for their products if they want to. So you would need to ask ring.

However, my guess is that it’s very unlikely that at this point they would be interested. They don’t need the market exposure and they won’t want the customer support headaches.

The fact that ring has not taken over the integration for their other models, And that now there are multiple ring camera and light models that do not work with smartthings, just doesn’t feel like this is something they’ll be interested in. But you never know.

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Will this work with STHM in the new V3 app (since it has now been announced that the classic app will be discontinued in a few months) ?

Also, is there any way to use the Ring system going to alert as a trigger event? That seems to be one of the most common requests.

For now I am planning to use virtual switches to sync ring and SmartThings alarm when the old SHM will no longer be available (I am still hoping there will be an update to the Homebridge Smartapp to work with the new SHM). Virtual switches may go away, too.
Then I could e.g. use the status led color of an Inovelli switch. Each color is an individual switch.

Whatever it’s going to be… it’s going to be lots of work. This is a mess. I would loose my job if I’d work that way.

You can create Automations in HomeKit with Ring as trigger (Alarm, motion, etc).