Revolv Acquired by Nest/Google

I wonder if anyone in Revolv community tried to jailbreak it. I suspect that a year from now eBay will be flooded with them.

Revolv could become a great hobby tool, but I don’t think Nest has any plans of opening things up and giving them away. I also don’t think the user base was large enough. Hard to know how many were sold, but the based on the activity on the forums, I wouldn’t guess many.

Such a shame to see all that hardware wasted.

Anything further on NEST integration with smartthings? I have just invested heavily into this system. (yes I also heard new hub coming out just as I bought current one). It would be nice if nest and smartthings could talk to eachother

I have to ask, as I’m stumped…
Other than the aesthetics of the Nest, why are folks so crazy about this thermostat?

Unless I’m missing something, what is it bringing to the table that can’t be done with any other HA thermostat stat and ST for a whole lot less money?


It is the ‘it just works’ syndrome. People who can’t program their existing thermostat (nor their VCRs of decades ago) feel real comfortable with them, despite them actually wasting energy. Plus it was a product “almost” born out of the Apple ecosystem, and much of its millions of inhabitants were instantly sucked in (a little ironic that Google now owns it).

Sales of hardware are seldom profitable on their own … especially from a software / service-provider company (Google)…

Google, Nest, and the rest of us
Google is a data-driven company, that obtains 85 percent of its revenue by selling ad space tailored to its users. With Nest, it can have access to data of what its customers are using while they are not on the internet, or when they do not carry their Android cellphone with them. Nest can find out the behavioral patterns of the individuals at their home, including the time they spend doing different activities, and even how many people are in a room. Empirical research shows that, contrary to what intuition suggest, people’s behavior can be surprisingly repetitive, so prediction algorithms can live up to their names and effectively predict what we are going to do.

Heck, Nest is actually FREE with your Electricity in Ireland:

And it is still notable that Google paid $3.2 billion for NEST, whereas SmartThings was only valued at $200 million (ummm… that’s $3 billion less for a product and ecosystem that does a heck of a lot more than just turn on your furnace and AC…).

…CP / Terry.

$3.2B was a ridiculously stupid price to pay. They must have really wanted to keep it from Apple. Using the other brain on that one!

Not as crazy as it seems if you consider that Nest revenue was $300,000M in 2013. So Goodle paid 10x annual revenue for an amazing growth company. That’s not bad at all.

Aethetics are a huge part of decision for me and I am very comfortable setting up own devices. There simply is no other thermostat that looks prettier at the moment. My thermostat is right near the front door is usually the first thing everyone sees.
In fact I would say for me, the whole point of ST is to have things hidden away and accesible remotely/app controlled. I like a sleek minimalist home that just responds and behaves the way youw ant it to. Ie, having lights on when I walk in and turning it all off when I am ready to leave or go to bed. Within ten years or so, I would like to not have any switches at all at home and just motion sensors and voice recognition that turns lights on/off and opens doors.