Retrofit home plan

Before i pull the trigger on ordering I wanted to seek input on my general plan. Any input would be greatly appreciated. (reposted as i accidentally posted in projects)

First some context:

5200 sq ft home 2 levels split evenly
Did not want to go to the expense of RA2 select
Love the Caseta and Smartthings so far and tested both but want to be able to exceed Caseta 50 limit.
Goal is to find a balance between price, quality, reliability, design, function
Have a decent budget if required (but happy to spend less) up to 5-7k usd. Which led JD to recommended a control 4 consult which I have tomorrow but i think that may push me over the top
Like the DYI and moderate control but do not want to go down the rabbit hole in deep programming or a lot work arounds. Other than the ones i’m suggesting now (lol)
Alexa throughout with 12 zones of Sonos already installed. Lots of voice control.
The Plan

Make Lutron Caseta (with pro-bridge) my core lighting system. Use it mostly on the main level and stretch out the 50 limit by avoiding devices like wall plugs (other than 1 for a repeater) minimize picos (because they take up a device spot and are not recognized by ST) and do not use Caseta for non critical lighting like kitchen under-lighting, rope-lights, wall unit spot etc. My plan would be to include any critical and automated lifestyle and away lighting on this system in case ST or the internet goes down. This will include my ecobee4. Caseata on a day to day will be used through ST and as a fall back/back up system that can be run by the lutron app if need be which is not cloud based.

All other dimmers, switches, sensors, wall plugs and non critical devices will be through Z-wave and when ever possible Zwave plus, probably on Levinton or GE. I’ve test a Leviton a zwave plus dimmer and wall switch, so far so good.
I expect about 25 devices (when i’m done) on Zwave. Thought is, if ST or the internet is down, for lighting, i can simple return to a on - off switch and i’ll live with all ST scenes and automation not working for that period of time. While key lighting like outdoor night lighting will remain working through Lutron Caseta?

Outdoor cameras will run through ST but the fall back (to view) will be app direct if ST or net is down or i’ll just keep them separate. Same with a couple of sensors like flood. Security system is separate and I think i’ll stay clear of door locks for now.
Garage doors and security system will be handled by their direct app.

In theory I hope this works and meets the goal of being able to expand to a larger system with ST as the primary brains with a solid fall back plan.

I hope for any input but here are a couple of things i want to confirm:
All Zwave switches/plugs will work as a normal dumb light if ST or the internet is down?
I can set a scene and schedule in ST and a different one in Lutron so if i’m away and I can pause the ST and rely on the Lutron app to perform the important task like away lighting.
Is there a email that goes out when ST is down?
Do you think 15 Zwave plus units (well placed) will provide ample coverage? (i can always a a few more)
Ff i ever sell do you think the buyer will shit his pants? lol

Thanks in advance, I’m excited to get options good, bad or indifferent.

You could have simply edited the title on your other post and modified the category :slight_smile:

Thanks…I’ve been reading forums for 15 years , I think I’ve posted 10 times, rookie mistake. I’ll be sure to do that next time.

This actually belongs in projects, because you are looking for individualized advice based on your own particular needs and preferences. It’s not a devices topic because that’s for questions about a single device class that could be answered by looking at the manual or that would have the same answer for all people, such as “does Brand X model z work with SmartThings?” Or “is there a fan switch without a neutral for a multi speed fan?” Or for any of the many questions about a specific wiring set up.

Anytime you’re talking about devices from multiple device classes, and in particular when you are brainstorming ideas for your own specific needs and preferences, that’s a project. :sunglasses:

It will be interesting for a lot of other people to read, and multiple community members will be happy to help you brainstorm, but it’s not about yes and no answers and it’s not limited to a single device class.

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