Result unexpected error 404

Using sharp tools presence sensor and auto location to open and close my garage, the last couple of days when I arrive I start getting this error every 2 seconds and tasker shows my arrival firing constantly. Any ideas why?

Have you asked @joshua_lyon if anyone else is reporting this?

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Not yet, just started tackling this issue

Have you tried manually controlling whatever device is part of the Tasker profile in the SharpTools mobile app?

The constant firing would likely be something in your Tasker profile which is set to loop or retry. I would need to see the profile in order to help troubleshoot though. :smiley:

Some of the SharpTools Tasker plugins will return a 404 if they can’t find the device you are trying to control which usually means they aren’t authorized. You might try reauthorizing the devices in the main SharpTools Android app to make sure the plugins have access to them.

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I’m using my phone as the presence sensor, it shows up in sharp tools and shows present. When I left my geo fences this morning, but when I arrived it went nuts. What screen shots would u need?

This may not be related, but multiple people are reporting presence problems right now:

My presence sensor seems to be working great, it’s when I hit my inner geofence and the arrival task fires.

I’m assuming this is a virtual presence sensor that you are controlling with Tasker. Did you try the steps I mentioned in my post above?

If you are getting a result 404 whenever you try to control the device it often means that the device isn’t authorized or SharpTools doesn’t have access to it anymore for whatever reason. Try controlling that device directly either via the main SharpTools mobile app or by creating a really simple Tasker task which only controls that device see what the results of running that simple task is.

Again, one of the first steps I would try is reauthorizing your devices in the main SharpTools app.