Rest services api

Need to if there are REST APIs documented.
If buy real devices how can I used REST apis to get the device info

But I need to run the code in their env using groovy.
Can I use any other technologies to get the info?

You would need a SmartApp running within the ST environment that would provide the endpoints with which your external technologies would interact.

How I get the smart things env in my server to do this?

The SmartApp would have to run in the ST cloud and create the endpoints. You could then query that.

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Can I deploy the code in our server instead of their cloud Also any one has number for the questions session with Smart Things happening every Wednesday ?

@sxganapa You can host your code on your own server, but there is not a generalized API available, you have to make your own. The only thing that will reside on the SmartThings cloud is your API code. Take a look at the docs.

The link to the developer calls is here.