REST docs/url for a service endpoint (SmartThings Cloud)

Will there be any REST documentation for the portal or access to the SmartThings cloud? For those wanting to dig deeper than just the SmartApps, is there the possibility of opening up the REST urls to access account information and set/see preferences within the service itself?

Actually, in response to this – there have been several helpful posts by community members. Disregard. Appologies on the wasted moments :slight_smile:

Can you share the responses? They may help others.

Unfortunately, the documentation for how to expose web service API endpoints from within SmartApps isn’t complete, but there’s a pretty good start available here:

There’s also an example SmartApp that exposes web services available in the IDE under Browse SmartApps -> Sample Web Services. If you start down the path of building web services into your SmartApps and hit the end of our documentation, send an email to and we’ll help you through the undocumented steps.

Not having detailed docs on how to expose end points from within smart apps or having it detail the IDE side is really (and you know I’m a fan) an epic fail. Right up there with z-wave mesh optimization not really doing anything other than showing a message saying its really doing it.

Besides, unless you’re a developer or maker or versed in coding, IMHO you shouldn’t even be concerned about what goes on “under the hood”. The system should be “idiot friendly” and not require a masters degree in CS to use it. Seriously, how many “retail end users” even know what REST or Endpoints are. They just want a device that they can plug in, pair up with devices (with little or next to little effort) and drag/drop/point/click and have it do whatever they want it to do. Epic fail.

You lost me at “the z-wave repair/mesh optimization” is nothing but a button that doesn’t do anything while I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure out why my network doesn’t do what it should after I (thought) optimized the mesh.

@solardave1 and @dlieberman

I am among the biggest complainers (and a big fan!) here… but I think what causes some confusion is understanding SmartThings RoadMap (not just their VISION).

I mean a roadmap of what features are a priority and therefore what schedule we can expect (count on?) for things to move from rough-ideas, to Alpha, Beta, RC, and fully supported.

  1. Connectivity and basic iOS UI functionality is obviously priority #1 (though does that mean Z-Wave, or does it mean SmartThings branded devices, or both?).

  2. Basic SmartApps (interaction between directly supported devices, and basic rules / scheduling).

  3. Android UI.

  4. Stability and bugs shakeout (?) or UI & model revamps?

4,5,6,7 … ??? Frankly, I am completely in the dark as to what (and when) is really next on the priority list… Web UI? REST/APIs? A direct HUB-API? A major strategic partnership? Revenue generation?

Not having complete documentation for the web service / REST API is completely excusable if SmartThings is not at that point on their Road Map, no? Not an epic fail … just poor expectations management?

Just my thoughts, no particular point here.