RESOLVED: Need Help w/ Zigbee GE Link Bulbs & keen HOME Smart Vents

I think I got something wrong when I set up my new WiFi router. Even though I knew about the 2.4GHz WiFi/Zigbee issues, I guess I must not have used a good enough channel, or something. I changed the router’s 2.4GHz WiFi channel just now, and my Zigbee stuff came back to life.

I was out of town for a few weeks, and now all of my GE Link bulbs and all of my keen HOME Smart Vents are NOT working.

I have tried the on-off reset for the bulbs, but it didn’t work this time.

The only thing I changed between when I left and when I got back home is that I finally migrated (from Rule Machine and CoRE) over to using webCoRE for all of my customized automations.

However, the rules that involve these devices appear to all be functioning properly (e.g. IF this virtual switch turns ON, then turn all of these switches ON = the switches all turn ON, but the lights don’t); it’s just that the devices themselves aren’t responding.

In fact, they’re not even responding to interactions with the relevant devices directly from the SmartThings mobile app (i.e. actions that don’t involve ‘rules’, or ‘automations’, or anything else at all).

I’ve looked around the forum to see if there is anything going on with Zigbee stuff, but idon 't see anything specific. Did I miss something?

Any ideas?

p.s. I also have other Zigbee devices, but they are working (e.g. Hue Iris lights, etc). So, I’m not sure if this problem actually has anything to do with Zigbee or not.

Might have to do a Zigbee reset. Take out the batteries, unplug the hub, wait 15 minutes, and power it back on.

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I knew that it might come down to the 15 minute off thing, but I didn’t want to ‘sacrifice’ that much down-time if there may still be something else obvious to do lol

Thanks. :slight_smile: I will give that a try…

Most of my GE bulbs have been pretty glitchy. I have a few that have been solid. I’ve been switching my GE bulbs to philips since they’ve been spot on, when the philips hub isn’t acting up. i’ve also had to do the on/off switch thing up to maybe 8 times before it caught. my timing was probably off.


Ya, I have it on my ToDo list to migrate AWAY from GE Link bulbs as well, but for now, I’m still just ‘getting by’.

I know all about them going offline, and needing to be reset. I’ve been doing it for years now. This time though, they are all offline, as well as every one of my 8 keen HOME Smart Vents. So, that’s why I came here; thinking maybe there’s something else going on.

OK, I did it. I was then only able to get 2 of the GE Link bulbs reconnected…but only for a short time.
They then appear to have both gone back offline, and are not responding to direct interaction from the SmartThings mobile app.

Also, after I do a power-cycle on the vents, they just keep doing what looks like a white double-blink. :confused:

According to this page on keen’s website, it looks like this particular blinking pattern means that it is “being identified”, but, in this case, since they’ve already been connected and working for a long time, I have no idea exactly what that means.

Well, now my Hue Iris lights aren’t working either.
So, basically, I’m experiencing a Zigbee outage.
Anyone else?
Any ideas what to try next?
Should I just contact Support?

My hue hub was glitchy the last few days. I think I changed my ipv6 back to link only for the router it is connected to. I also just unplugged it for a while also. I’m having to bring my philips bulbs/strips right to the hub now and it still takes several tries to connect AND needing to input the serial numbers. It’s actually very simple once you understand the problem. Armageddon. Glad to be of help. Back to working with thermoplastic and avoiding throwing my xiaomi buttons against the wall.

Thanks, but no Hue hub here. :slight_smile:

Thursday morning update:
I’ve managed to get 2 of the GE Link bulbs reconnected, and (apparently) functioning properly again.
However, none of the others have responded positively yet; nor any of my 8 Keen Vents.

I will be contacting SmartThings Support this afternoon.

In the meantime, any other ideas?

Thursday afternoon update:
I think I have it ‘fixed’. :slight_smile:

It appears to have started when I replaced my WiFi router in December. (duh!)
I know…I know…why the h3!! didn’t I check that before coming in here and creating a thread to ask for help?

Well, it just so happens to be that, when I set up the new router, I decided that this time I would pay more attention to WiFi/Zigbee frequency issues, etc.

As always, I did a thorough WiFi signal site survey to make sure I was choosing channels that have the least WiFi interference.

However, when it came to the Zigbee part of that, it appears as though I may have completely misread the info I was going on (or that info was faulty).

So, the reason I hadn’t checked on that yet during this Zigbee troubleshooting was because I totally discounted that issue on the basis of the fact that I had specifically done the research and picked a channel for my 2.4GHz WiFi radio that wouldn’t interfere with my Zigbee radio.

I even took a look at my hubs in the IDE to make sure I knew which Zigbee channels they were on.
Also, I understood that they’re not the same named list of channels as 2.4GHz WiFi. So, I thought I was fine.

Just now though, after this came to mind, I changed my router’s 2.4GHz channel, and BAM!, my Zigbee stuff came back to life almost instantly.

So, while I’m not a complete idiot (I thought I had set it up with this specific issue in mind), it’s obvious that I must have done something wrong.

I will go back over the info once again, and see if I can figure out what I messed up…

How do you control the hue devices then? My understanding is that they are recommended to be directly connected to smartthings but instead through the hue hub if that’s what you are doing. Unless you can just control with the app and don’t need a hub.

Ya, I don’t have a Hue hub at all. All of my Hue Iris lights are just connected directly to my SmartThings system, and I control them from the SmartThings mobile app on my Android devices, and/or from ActionTiles panels on my Android and Windows systems.