[REQUEST] APC Home Office SurgeArrest 6 Outlets 3 Smart Outlets Integration

I have an APC Home Office SurgeArrest 6 Outlets 3 Smart Outlets With 4 USB Ports 2 Smart Ports 120V which works perfectly with Amazon’s Alexa APP. But I’d like to see if it can be integrated into SmartThings in order to create complex routines via WebCORE.

Thanks in advance!

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As of late 2019, smartthings has made their API public, and it is now up to the individual device manufacturers to provide a smartthings integration if they choose to do so. So you should make the request of them.


That said, if it works with Alexa you may be able to use Alexa routines as a partial integration if the smartthings/alexa integration works for you.

Here’s the thread on the integration:

New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

If someone is looking to build an integration, APC uses the Ayla Networks IoT SDK for these powerstrips. The API is open and documentation can be found at: https://developer.aylanetworks.com/apibrowser/swaggers/

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