Vesync Outlet

VesyncOutlet has just received integration with Alexa. Is there anything that can be done to use Alexa to power those outlets using Smartthings? I have a bunch of these and this would be extremely useful.

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Hi did you ever figure this out. I also have a few of these too. Anything you learned along the way would be great.

I am also curious if you found a solution to integrate the Vesync outlet in Smartthings. Thanks

These plugs are great. They’re some of the cheapest energy monitoring plugs available. I bought 6 of these for myself and friends before I decided to go with Smartthings as my hub. They’re improving all the time too, they recently added Google Home support as well. Home a Smartthings integration gets added soon.

Update on this. I reached out to VeSync support and they said that they are working on the IFTTT integration now and hope to include it in the next update! This should give us the ability to then integrate with Smartthings. Just clarify, my plug is the Etekcity ESW01-USA model and VeSync is the app that controls it.

Any update on this?

Sorry a bit too late,

However, i’ve found some code on github which might do the tick.

Now, i just need some help with importing the code from github to samsung ide, i have no clue on what am doing. :frowning:

I have a levoit air purifier that in this code too, which i would like to control via my smartthings app.