Request ability to manually assign z-wave routes

forums are full of posts of zwave repair not working, which overloads the zwave network with traffic.

i’m requesting the ability to set the routes manually.

i have two electric monitors in the garage (OE/82) which could easily rout to the linear garage door opener (C8) and then to the hub. which OE does after first circling the the house.

would also be nice to have zwave utilities with tables showing the signal strength between hops and ping.

In short, im pretty sure the specification doesnt allow for this and as such, it wont ever happen.

I’m all for better troubleshooting tools and logging, however.


Correct. That’s just not how Z wave works. It’s intended to be a “self-healing“ mesh, which means the network picks the route. Not the human. Nothing smartthings can do about that.

If you want to set routes manually, use Wi-Fi devices. :sunglasses:

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This would be great. :sunglasses:

disagree. let the user set the initial route prior to network repair. If unwilling to implement, then just fix network repair. you can’t tell me any of the routes above make sense.

ST has buggered the network repair. did not see this on other platforms.

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I understand what you’re saying, but then it wouldn’t be zwave. It would not meet the specification, and SmartThings would not be able to use the zwave logo or maintain; its hub certification, which is definitely not what Aeotec is going to be interested in.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on with Zwave routing in a SmartThings set up because they just don’t give us any meaningful tools.

I agree that there are times that the reports look really weird, but I would suspect that is the smartthings created reporting tool and maybe some cloud artifacts, not Zwave itself.

If you want better self healing routing, you could move to a different hub and see what happens.

If you want to control the routes yourself, you should choose a protocol other than Z wave or zigbee.

And you should definitely keep asking smartthings for better tools.

The one thing you can do, although it’s really a pain in the neck, is to take all of the potential repeaters other than the one that you want the device to use off power at the time that you add it. But you should be aware that over time the zwave network will fix itself and use the routes that it finds are the most efficient.

Remember, the routing algorithms have access to a lot of information you don’t just looking at the path, including signal strength and network traffic.

Anyway, those are the options. But removing self routing just isn’t going to be an option, if only because of that self repair (explorer frames) which is going to happen automatically with every Z wave plus device.

I understand the frustration, I get even more frustrated with smartthings’ implementation of Z wave than I suspect most people do because I’ve worked with Zwave in other situations, but having the human preset the routing isn’t going to fix it.

There’s a good discussion here:

Zwave Routing HELP - Devices - Hubitat

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes with zwave routing and it’s being updated all the time automatically. That’s part of the independent third-party specification.