Momentary button not working in new app

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get my simulated momentary buttons working. They dont appear to work in the new app. I’ve tried creating new virtual buttons, and they do not work. The app, when you go into devices, does not present an interface to interact with the button and depress it momentarily. Please help lead me in the right direction.

Momentary buttons dont exist as a concept in newapp anymore. Change the DTH to Simulated/Virtual Button or Switch, and then add an automation that resets it to off whenever it’s turned on.

I actually prefer putting the ‘turn off’ as the last step of whatever automation the virtual button or switch was triggering so you basically get a confirmation if it ran or not (If it sticks on, the automation failed)

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Does this work, specifically the turn off at the end? any suggestions for improvement? This piston is designed to gently turn on the lights in the morning.

Could you also explain the difference between the previous simulated momentary button and the new simulated button (not momentary)?

What ‘simulated momentary buttons’ are you using?

The Momentary capability still works in the mobile app to give you a ‘button’ you can press in the UI to activate the push() command. What the push() command actually does depends on the handler. The capability has no attributes of its own so you typically use it to generate button pushed messages of turn a switch on and back off again.

I believe the stock Momentary Button Tile may still have issues in the app. I never did work out exactly why it didn’t work but I remember fiddling with it as a custom DTH and it starting working. If I remember rightly it used a non-existent attribute which never endeared it to me and once it was installed as a custom handler there seemed no point in not using my own versions.

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Are you saying that you have a custom DTH for a simulated momentary button that works correctly with the new app?

If so, would you perhaps be willing to share it? I would much rather stick with momentary buttons than deal with switches that I have to turn off using automations.

It is only the stock Momentary Button Tile that I’ve seen not work in the new app, and I’m not sure why. I know I had it working as a custom handler once but I can’t remember what I had to do to it as it was a year or so ago now.

is my basic button that has Momentary and Button capabilities.

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