[REMOVED] Nest Manager v2.5

Hi everyone - using version 2.5.10. Thanks so much for programming this.

A few questions:

  1. Can someone please explain the difference between device and structure polling? I get the device part (it will poll each nest protect for status - e.g., OK or alarming) - but what is the structure polling for?

  2. For device polling, if it is set at 3 minutes, and a poll just completed, and then an alarm sounded - am I correct in thinking that smartthings will not know the nest is in an alarm state until the next poll (2 minutes and 59 seconds away)?

  3. What does “only update devices on new data” do? I have my device poll rate set at 3 minutes, location poll rate at two minutes, and “only update devices on new data” set to on. I notice in the logs that I get updates that do not correspond with the 1 and 3 minute polling. Not clear why this is happening at odd times.

I’m pretty sure everything is working fine, just trying to understand how this actually works under the hood.

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It seems that I am not able to edit the dropdown for “Category” under the Definition. My icon changes to a red circle with an line through it. And when I changed the category in the code (at line 27 to read category: “My Apps”,) it doesn’t seem to have any affect as well.

Can someone explain what I may be doing incorrectly and how do I get the published app to show on my mobile device?


Why are you trying to change the category? Just publish the app and install from under the My Apps category in the marketplace

I don’t see My Apps in the marketplace so I thought I needed to change the code because when I hover over the category dropdown it says “Update this value in the source code”. This is my first app so I’m not sure if there was something I should have done previously to have the “My Apps” display on my iPhone.

So now I could have 2 issues. #1 I changed the Category in the source code. Should I change it back to the previous value? #2 I did a hard restart on the app and the hub and I still do not see “My Apps” in the Marketplace.

Thanks and any help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated!

You should absolutely restore the original code.

There is two tabs under the MarketPlace (Things and SmartApps) You will want to tap on SmartApps and then scroll all the way to the bottom for my apps

I can restore it back to the original code. However, I still do not see the My Apps under either tab as I have checked both after restarting the hub and restarting the app.

Is this the first custom smartapp you have installed?

Yes it is - I have not created or published any other custom apps.

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Not sure if it was a timing issue. But now I can see the My Apps. Thanks!

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I’ve installed, uninstalled, and reinstall, but I’m still getting the same error “Device handlers are likely missing or not published”; please help.

Have you tried this?