[REMOVED] Nest Manager v2.5

Thank you!
This has been working very well for me ever since you fixed it.

This is pretty much the exact issue I have, I swear there was an automation in NM that allowed me to turn on a fan when the A/C was on to help with this but I can’t seem to find it… Will check again :slight_smile:

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Its under remote temp sensor in the automations


Good Morning,

I apologize in advance for the newbie-ism of the post but I don’t quite understand how the ‘Remote Temp Sensors’ automation works.

I have a netatmo sensor in my family room where I only have 1 AC vent. The thermostat for this vent is in my bedroom which results in the family room being hotter than the bedroom, especially when people are watching TV in the family room.

The goal of the automation would be to evaluate the netatmo sensor when the TV is on to adjust the thermostat, but then switch the evaluation back to the nest thermostat when the TV is off.

For example,

Bedroom Temperature - 73 (set to 73)
Family Room Temp - 77
TV goes on… automation should trigger to get the Family room down to 73.


Bedroom Temperature - 71 (set to 71 because of the automation above)
Family Room Temperature - 73
TV goes off… automation should reverse itself and make certain the temperature in the bedroom sets itself back to 73.

Is this possible?

I can no longer control my Nest via the ST App, or AskAlexa App since changing over to the device handler used for Nest manager. All of my code is up to date using the repository sync feature in the IDE with GITHUB. Running on Android. My Nest thermostat ‘thing’ isnt showing network status, and seems to have a giant leaf. Has anyone been able to get the new version working on Android?

Anyone know how to delete the Nest handler/items from my SmartThings?
Keeps saving it is being used by SmartRules but it is not… I’ve checked 20 times…

May be possible using CoRe. Not sure what the netatmo sensor integration is. Does it show up as a motion sensor in ST? If yes then nest-automations may work. You can use motion/switches to trigger a nest-automation rule.

The large leaf is when the CSS fails to load. Usually that will clear out on next cache refresh (when ST does it)

The no control could be a few things. Any errors in live-logging? Make sure you updated/publish all the DHs and SmartApp. Something may be out of sync.


I had this happen once, contact support and they can get it removed. Sometimes associations don’t clear correctly from the ST backend, so it gets confused.

Netatmo is a temperature sensor so it knows the temperature of the room

You would need to use a trigger, like a light switch (Harmony remote ‘acts’ like a switch in ST) or a motion sensor.

Another option is to use time based rules. I use a similar rule to adjust my upstairs thermostat at night (when we go to bed, since all the bedrooms are up there)

Nest Weather is not working. I added it as a device and I get a blank screen that;s just loading.

I’m using Android and don’t know if this is one of the issues.

I think i got it fixed. I didnt completely remove the old Nest setup i had before moving over to Nest manager. Looks like I am back in business. thanks!


is everything else Nest working (Thermostat)?

Check the live logging, guessing that you zip code is not set.

It seems I am still having a small issue with my routines not setting the coolpoint to 75 as its supposed to. The “Goodbye” routine works fine setting the coolpoint to 80. Presence changes as it should, but for some reason its not triggering the setcoolpoint event on the routines. Using the thing to set the temp. down manually works fine as well. Nothing shows up in live logging, even with verbose logging enabled.

There is an issue of setting checkpoints and presence. Basically if you are Away you cannot set temps, this is a restriction from Nest. The order of commands being sent from ST sets temp, then presence is being triggered later. The temp settings are ignored in this case.

Try using Nest-Manager automations to set temps instead of routines. It should handle presence changes better than routines.

error: getWeatherConditions Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘current_observation’ on null object

warn: There is an Issue getting the weather forecast

warn: There is an Issue getting the weather astronomy data

These are the error.


Sorry I quoted the wrong person above

Sounds like no zip code is defined.

Check ST to see if your location is correct.

In Nest-Manager, you can choose Preferences->Device Customization and change weather location.

Nest Weather states “Device Update Available”. However, it looks like there’s no update. All github updates have been performed and also went into Nest Manager and hit Done…

iOS Diagnostics:

updateAvailable as True.
devTypeVer: 2.5.5(New: v2.5.6).

on github, nest-weather device version is 2.5.5. Could it be a bug in version comparison?

Just hold tight and version 3 should be out today. Hopefully your issues will go away.

So this didn’t exactly happen like I had hoped. Surprise surprise!!! The Android client requires special handling for new features. I will be release today no matter what


uninstalled all the existing Nest devices and Smart app from ST, and did a fresh install

No issues so far…