Remote connection/control of Samsung M5 and M7 wireless speakers throught the Samsung Wireless hub

I currently have several Samsung M5/M7 wireless speakers connected to a Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom hub. I control this from the multiroom app. this is a good setup but I would like to voice control this setup via the Amazon Dot. Anyone have any experience with this setup? Both the Smartthings hub and the Dot see the speakers (but not the hub). I can turn on the speakers with the smartthings hub but only have on/off capability and not change of station (Pandora) or grouping of speakers.
So can anyone offer any insight to getting this setup to work via voice control?

I’d start here

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I’ve connected all of my M3/M5’s to my Echo (and 2 Dots) via bluetooth. Basically, each room has a dot and a speaker. Not the best setup but it works!

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Is this still the case?

Will M3 M5 and M7 still.connect?

How is it done? My smart things app doesn’t see my speakers

Do you need a smart things hub?

You need a SmartThings/Samsung hub to do anything with SmartThings. TBH, I don’t know if this still works with the new Connect hub or Mesh system. It seems Samsung disabled a lot of the integration with other Samsung devices in the new system.

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OK…I dont have a smart things hub at the moment. I don’t have any other reason to get one.

It would be helpful if I knew if this integration is possible before investing!

If you have a ST hub or a ADT ST hub you will be able to pair with the speakers.

My ST hub sees the speakers but I am not sure what good that does. I can’t play music through the ST hub alone. I have given up on Samsung integrating their own products to work together and I currently have my M5/7 speakers paired with my amazon alexa devices and they work great. I don’t even use my multi room hub anymore because of the limitations and the amazon devices work so much better.

I have the M7 speaker play custom notifications when certain automations are activated.

I just bought a used Samsung M5 system… 2 speakers, and a hub.
I’ve tried to find the Multi Room app but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I downloaded the SmartThings app but can’t get it to communicate with the Hub.
Anyone offer Suggestion??


I know that this doesn’t directly answer the questions but years ago I wrote to Samsung and asked about support for the hub and identified issues. The customer service had a hard time finding information on the hub or someone that even knew about them.

I have several of the M7 and M5 speakers and a hub. The hub became such a pain that I stopped using it and just use Bluetooth to connect each speaker to an echo device. I then created groups for music (downstairs, upstairs, outside, everywhere) and just have Alexa plan music or notification or routines.


Tks John!
my Bluetooth tv recognizes both speakers but only allows me to run one at a time. Maddening!
I have an echo dot. How would I go about getting both speakers to run simultaneously?
Appreciate the help.


Unfortunately, you can only connect one Bluetooth device at a time. I have one speaker connect to each device. You can’t run stereo (left/right channel) this way.

Thanks. On the back of each speaker, it has an “add spkr” button; making me think I should be able to pair those two together.

Thanks for the help.

That button is to add speakers to the hub, as I remember it.

Crap. I should have never bought bought the system.

Live & learn. I’m 70 and you’d think I’d know better🤨