Reminder for an open garage door?

Hello. I’ve been a long time user but I’m a little lost with this transition. I was using an rBoy app to give me a ding every 10 minutes while the garage door is open. I’ve given up on rBoy ever working again. Can someone point me in the right direction for this kind of capability? It seems like it should be pretty simple.


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I think @TAustin 's timer device is a good fit here. This is a useful notification for me too so I’m testing it out. Looks like it works at first glance. Here’s my setup:
Routine 1: turn on timer when garage opens.

Routine 2: turn off (resets timer) when garage door closes.

Routine 3: notify and reset when timer hits 10min.

Link to install the driver is in the first post here:


Couldn’t you just use a virtual device and have the routine trigger if the virtual device is on or off for 10 minutes?

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You should be able to do this quite easily with the third party SharpTools, a popular rules engine with a nice visual interface. Runs in any browser and you don’t have to have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub. It works with the new 2023 architecture.

I don’t know if you can do this with a repeat with the free tier or if it would require the paid license ($30/year at the time of this writing).

It’s become very popular with people wanting a simple option for advanced features not available in the official routines.

“Garage door stays open for 10 minutes” is one of the examples they show on their site. :sunglasses:



Very easy to do. Create a virtual switch and create 3 routines. When you turn on a switch in routines it has another option to turn it off again in a certain amount of time you want.That’s what makes a routine loop.

3 routines

  1. 1st routine turns the virtual switch on when the garage door closes.
  2. 2nd routine turns off the virtual switch when the garage door opens.
  3. 3rd routine if virtual switch off for 10 minutes then send message and turn on virtual switch with turn off in 5 seconds. This will cause the routine to loop until the virtual switch is turned on by the 1st routine when the garage door closes.

Normal state for the virtual switch is on when closed and turns off when garage door opens.

If you have Alexa and use an Alexa virtual switch you could also create an Alexa routine to announce on all Echo’s that “the garage door is open

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Since the SmartThings ‘Left it Open’ SmartApp is dead, I’ve been using this virtual device technique for months now with @TAustin virtual motion sensor since the timer feature is built into it (auto motion restore to inactive). So it doesn’t rely on any Automation setting for the timing and only requires two Automations unless I want a door Closed notification that is.

Notification Nag Virtual Motion Switch with ‘auto motion restore to inactive’ set to 180.

When All Conditions are met
Notification Nag Virtual Motion Switch is Off
Garage Door is Opened
Turn On Notification Nag Virtual Motion Switch

When pre-condition
Garage Door is Opened
When Condition
Notification Nag Virtual Motion Switch is On
Send Notification to Members
Garage Door is Open


All good suggestions.:sunglasses:

The one thing I would note is that you do need a SmartThings/Aeotec hub in order to use any edge driver. (Most SmartThings customers don’t have a hub these days. But they might be using, for example, the Meross garage door controller and a Shelly sensor.)

The TAustin edge driver does require a hub, but he also has a cloudbased project, API Browser Plus, which can create simple virtual switches and does not need a hub. Or SharpTools doesn’t need a hub.

So multiple options, but different ones will work for different people.

Choice is good.


Wow, thanks everyone. I was worried I wouldn’t get a response but these are all great. I proto-typed it with the suggested 3 rule approach and @TAustin’s device and it works nicely. Extra thanks to @TAustin for writing that. I’ll move on to trying the 2 rule approach next.

I do have an Aeotec hub and was looking to use that, but per @JDRoberts I put SharpTools on my list of things to look at. I’ve seen that elsewhere and it looks handy.

Again, thanks much everyone!


@DaWeav, the closest I see from @TAustin is the “LAN Motion Device Drive”
Is that the one you are referring to?

Probably the Swiss-army knife of virtual devices:


Thanks. Yes, the motion sensor works. No more forgotten open garage doors for me!



I think I have done this with only one Rule using SharpTools. I have a window contact sensor. I created a virtual device for the sensor as well. The following SharpTools Rule reminds me every ten minutes that the window is open by sending a Pushover notice to my phone. I set it to ten minutes, but I can use a larger “wait” period as well. Tested it this evening and it seemed to work fine. Enjoy.