Remind me if I forget something at home?


I am looking for a solution that will notify me if I leave something at home (using a presence sensor). I have two, one on a diaper bag and the other on a carseat, it would be great to get a notification if the carseat left without the diaper bag. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

I believe this can be accomplished with the CoRE app, it might be overkill but I’m sure some of the helpful folks in the CoRE thread can walk you through setting it up.

I don’t know if the app still works since a lot has changed since it was written. I used to use this app but then switched over to Rule Machine and then over to CoRE to ensure my wife doesn’t forget her laptop in the morning.


CoRE can easily do this.

May want to consider estimote ibeacons, I think they will be much more reliable and accurate, perhaps faster as well.

The problem I think you will have though is getting everything to notify you QUICKLY and reliably. I think the notifications will be reliable enough, but sometimes there are delays as they work through ST and the timing could be annoying where you will be far enough from your home it will be bothersome.

I think with beacons, albeit I haven’t tried them, you can possibly get a much quicker notification.

Thanks! So far this still seems to be working. I partially tested it earlier today, the forget something piece.

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Thanks @JH1 & @eibyer! @greg pointed me to exactly what I was looking for! I am looking into this too. Reading through it.


These don’t work with SmartThings, but if all you want is a notification on your phone when something is left behind, we really like these little guys:

$60 for a three pack, works well with both iOS and android, very quick notification and a nice short range so that you will get the notification before you get out to the car.

I don’t drive, but I do have a car which other people drive me in. (I’m quadriparetic.) so one problem we used to have all the time was a health aide leaving at the end of their shift and taking my car keys by mistake with them.

Now we use the XY find it, and I get notified once the keys are more than about 10 m from my phone, plenty of time to text the person and remind them to bring the car keys back.

It’s not a paired solution, and it doesn’t have as many features as a SmartThings device would, but I really like the short range, the quickness, and the reliability.

If you open the FIND IT app you can turn the notifications on and off separately for each device very easily. So it just depends on exactly what you want. And if the smart app is working well for you, go for it. :sunglasses: But if you do find that you want something with a shorter range, these are nice.

Thanks @JDRoberts, I will check those out. They look handy, I’m always losing my stuff. I had a few of the presence sensors not in use and was looking to improve the WAF, integration into ST was essential. I made several changes and have been working through the bugs in my logical thought process, I figured this would put me (& HA) back into her good graces for now.