Reliable Motion Sensor


So what is the consensus on the most reliable z wave/zigbee motion sensor. I originally was going to use my existing alarm motion sensors, but they are RF and not wired so I cannot integrate them into my NODEMCU board like the rest of the alarm system.

Since these are for security I want something that is reliable with the least possible false positives. I know some of the detectors have temperature and other features, this would be welcomed but not at the cost of the motion reliability.

(Jimmy) #2

I own Go Control, Iris and Xiaomi motion sensors. Once connected, they have all been equally as reliable, But I’ve also never had any z-wave or zigbee mesh issues. This is most likely one of those YMMV sceanrios

(Terry Grant) #3

I like the Iris. It responds really quick and has given me no problems.


From what I have been reading it seems alot of people are happy with the Iris. Range should not be an issue because I have z wave plus switches all over the house and the hub will be on the same floor as the motion detectors. Plus my house has a very open concept floor plan.


I also like the Iris motion sensors, they work for me and they are so small they pass the spouse acceptance factor test in my house.

(Morgan) #6

I like the EcoLink w/ Pet Immunity, so i don’t get false positives. I’ve used Iris, ST v1, ST v2, ST v3, Monoprice, Ecolink and the Ecolink seems to be the best w/ false positives when i have it w/ the pet immunity. The other ones, I don’t get a LOT of false positives but i do get them occasionally.

(Mark) #7

FYI the iris motion sensors use zigbee, so your z-wave plus switches won’t repeat any signals to/from the motion sensors.


True, I may look into those EcoLink ones also. Amazon has a good return policy anyways if I have issues. .


Do the Iris detectors also act as extenders for Zigbee? I want to install some outdoor path lights and was looking at the below lights but I have no other Zigbee devices and not sure the signal would be reliable enough from the Hub through an exterior wall.

Edit: Or if someone knows something similar to the Lightyify system that is Z wave, they do not need to be RGB, just LED is fine.

(Jimmy) #10

They are battery powered, so no. You could get he iris outlet or another mains powered zigbee device to extend the mesh.


I figured that was the case. I may try out the lightfy system and see if it works can always return it to amazon. I only have 1 wall plus the exterior wall that the signal would need to pass through. I also live on a very interior lot, so there are no signals around basically except from my house.

(Diego Yong) #12

any preference on sensor for a house with a 40 lbs dog?

(Mark) #13

You can try positioning sensors such that they don’t pick up motion closer to the floor. Or looking for sensors with adjustable sensitivity, often advertised as “pet-immune.”