Sonos PlayText & TTS language OR PlayTrack with custom created MP3


I would like to make Sonos play text with language other than English.
So I assume there is no language option with the internal playtext feature.
Please let me know if there is…

So going with my assumption, I would like to create an mp3 file and store on a web server (or local file) with any TTS engine that would support my language.

How can I achieve that ?

Is there a (preferably free) , live TTS engine that would create the mp3 file with my language (Turkish) ?

The latest version of the app discussed in the thread allows you to use TTS services with languages other than English (French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese…). Ivona TTS has a Turkish voice.

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thanks. But I couldn’t understand how that will work with Sonos.
Could you please let me know which app should I install ?

Also, would that make my spare phone (connected to a dock) work like sonos ?

If you want to play the messages on a sonos I think you only need to install the MediaRenderEvents app. The Sonos should appear in the app as one of the speaker options.

If your phone is an Android, I think there is an app you can install on the phone to make it work as a DLNA speaker (I think it is called Private Dancer… But I don’t have any Android device, so I am not sure), described in the thread. If so, you will also need to install the MediaRenderConnect app and the DLNA Player device type for that. Using an iPhone as a speaker does not work.



you solved 2 of my problems at the same time.

  1. playing Turkish text on my Sonos speakers.
  2. adding my unused Dock to the speaker network

is it possible to set different language for weather forecast on the weather forecast app of the same author ?
(I asked on that thread already, but maybe you know…)

I know that ST is using weatherunderground API. fctext is supplying forecast in English.
But I want to change it to Turkish.
possible ?

I think there may be a way if you use the google translate interface… And send the English text and get a Turkish MP3 translation file. This will probably require some programming but if you know how to do it (?!) should not be too difficult.

I don’t think that Google translate is a good idea.
First get forecast textfrom weatherunderground , then go to google translate.
it will take time and the translation won’t bee very good.

on the other hand, weather underground supports multiple languages.
if you go with a language setting it returns forecast text in the requested language.

Btw, my initial problem when starting this thread was;

sending Turkish TTS to Sonos speaker.
Now with ule’s solution I can do this with MediaRenderer Events smart app.

But when I want to do it through Sharp Tools or other means of external app, I can’t find a way.

Is there a way to add External TTS Sonos speaker as a “thing” like the DLNA renderer in this solution ?
Or any way of calling the MediaRenderer Events from external apps ? (OAuth ?)