[RELEASE] Virtual Garage Door Opener/Controller with Relays and Contact/Tilt/Door Sensors

I’ve just tried installing and using this. The door opens partially, and then stops - similarly when closing, the door does not close fully. I’ve got it setup with a Fibaro relay controlling the garage door system, and a Smartthings Multisensor providing the open/close signal. Is the Smartapp sending 2 signals to the relay, which is set up as a momentary relay as that’s what the garage door system requires.

Hi There. It sounds like your garage door uses a momentary button and not a switch. Select the appropriate option when creating the virtual garage door. A switch or relay is turned on and then off like you’ve seen. A momentary is only pushed once by the app to operate the garage door.

All working - thanks!

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The new SmartThings-Google Assistant integration no longer permits the user to manually exclude ST devices from being shared with Google Assistant. As a result, this Virtual Garage Door appears in Google Assistant, so a stranger could stand outside my window or door and tell my Google Home speakers to open the garage door. Is there anything that could be done, like changing the metadata, that would cause GH to hide it? For example, GH knows to exclude door locks (my Schlage Connect which are controlled in ST using your Enhanced DTH).

Virtual Garage Door Manager SmartApp - v01.05.02

  • Support for new ST app

Virtual Garage Door Controller Device Handler - v01.04.00

  • Custom UI controls for new ST app

Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 8.27.16 PM IMG_7001

NOTE: This update may require you to delete the SmartApp and Device Handler code from the IDE and then reinstall it for the new UI controls to show up.

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How can I change the icon to show the garage door rather than the open/close sensor icon

Hello Guys, this device handler is great, however, maybe it`s only me, but a big question, is it possible to add to this device handler the capability to check 2 open/closed sensors ?
I will tell you what i was thinkint about and why do i need this. I have a sliding gate outside, which means i can not put a motion sensor on it, so therfore i was thinking if Rboy can add the capability to select 2 sensors for it, one for closed, the second one to tell me when the gate is complelty open. So i have and the edges 2 open closed sensor and where the motor is the magnet for them which means sensor 1 is closed sensor 2 is open - Gate completly closed, sensor 1 open sensor 2 open - Gate Opening / Closing and Sensor 1 open Sensor 2 Closed - Gate Openend. Do you think it is possible ? For me whout be magnifficent to know if the gate is completly openend or closed.

Thank you and hope i didn`t bother with this post.

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@RBoy this two contact sensors option is something that can be used in other apps too. I also need this option for sliding door and windows as have door and windows that can have Closed, Open and Ajar position. I would also use one magnet with two contact sensors. This feature can be added to many of your apps and bring up their value as something like this does not exist

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If it’s linear sliding gate and you have 2 sensors, one on each end of the gate, they will both move at the same time when the gate moves or are you referring to a 90 degree rotating gate?


I refer to a linear gate. Bothe Sensors on the gate the magnet on the motor, indeed both sensors will move at the same time, and than we have the following situations.

  1. Sliding Gate Closed Completly - Sensor 1 Closed is in the position of the motor gate which mean gate is completly closed, sensor 2 is open.
  2. Sliding Gate Opening / Closing - When you click to open the gate Both sensors move meaning none are in reach of the magnet, meaning an opening or closing state.
  3. Sliding Gate Opened Completly - Sensor 1 doesn`t reach magnet stat open, sensor 2 is in reach of magnet - State closed - Which would mean that the sliding gate is completly opened.

How i see it is as conditions following :
Sensor 1 Closed - Sensor 2 Open - Sliding Gate Closed
Sensor 1 Open - Sensor 2 Open - Sliding Gate Opening / Closing
Sensor 1 Open - Sensor 2 Closed - Sliging Gate Open

Indeed i think there is a lot of programim which i don`t know how to do that, actually my sugestion is that with this setup you actually know when the gate is completly openened or completly closed, or is in opening or closing state.

There was another community created smart app that accomplished this, might work for you or maybe give @RBoy some ideas.

Virtual Garage Door Manager SmartApp - v01.06.00

  • Added support for dual contact sensors for Sliding/rotary gates, Sliding doors/Patio doors to detect if they are partially/completely open or closed.

Virtual Garage Door Controller Device Handler - v01.04.00

  • < no change >


Wow Man ! You are really awsome !!! Didn’t even manage to think how to put 2 sensors on the gate and overnight you did the app already! Wow really appreciate it ! You are the best! Thumbs up! You left me speachless!


Hey RBoy , Is it too much to ask if i have another request . Please don`t curse me for this but i really have no ideea how to do programming. Is it possible to add an option in the smart app for the status Closing / Opening - to be able to select if both sensor are open or both sensor are closed. Indeed is great how it is now, but i was thinking instead of putting the 2 sensor which we spoke about would be for me more simlpe to use a Qubino with 2 contacts and use the limit switches from the sliding gate Motor, which unfortunatelly are Normal Closed. So basically i associate it like the 2 sensor of which i mentioned but instead of both sensors being open for the opening/closing state, both sensors being closed, for the rest it can stay everithing the same. As i see it now if both sensor read closed, the status of the Gate is Unknown.

Hope is not too much to ask, and again i hope you are not angry on me for asking this.
Thank you

Virtual Garage Door Manager SmartApp - v01.06.02

Virtual Garage Door Controller Device Handler - v01.04.00

  • < no change >
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so much winning! thank you!

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