[RELEASE] Virtual Garage Door Opener/Controller with Relays and Contact/Tilt/Door Sensors

Does this only work with the zwave relays or the relays that are listed above? I am hoping to use a smart switch (ihome control isp5) with a RIB relay to act as the relay piece in conjunction with the SmartThings Multi-Purpose sensor setup for a garage door sensor. While waiting for the RIB relay to arrive and connect, I tried setting up the device via the SmartApp, selecting the isp5 as the “Relay switch” and the multi-purpose sensor as the “Open/Close sensor” - when I try to Save everything it initially says it updates it but then I get an error saying “Installing device Garage Door 2 failed”

Any ideas on what’s going wrong here?

Minor enhancement release

Virtual Garage Door Manager SmartApp - v01.04.01

  • < No change >

Virtual Garage Door Controller Device Handler - v01.02.05

  • Report the momentary event when pushed (toggled)

You can use any contact sensor instead of a tilt sensor, here are a few:


You can find a lot of options on @TheSmartestHouse

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Is there anyway to have this appear in Google home as a device with an open/close trait?

I’d like to be able to say “open/close the garage” to google assistant.

I am able to hack it by creating a routine within Google home app that has the command “open the garage” which “turns on” the garage.

The problem with this is that the garage may already be open or if i say the command “close the garage” I would expect the garage to close when it may be opening.

I’m running a smart switch wired into the garage door to control the opening/closing and a multipurpose sensor to determine the garage door state.

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