[RELEASE] Unlimited customizable thermostat

Okay I understand what you’re saying but I’m trying to isolate whether the issue is with the app/thermostat communication or thermostat issue internally.

So when you look at the thermostat, it will have 2 numbers, in center (BIG and bold current temp), and the target temp at the bottom left corner.

At 11am it should change the target temp to 72deg (according to your post). Can you verify what target temp shows at 11:01am and 11:05am (sometimes the timer may fire slightly later)?

It was still 70deg. But by the way I think problem was solved. On that evening I notice that there is update for smartthings app Updated it. At 9pm in front of the physical thermostat am watching the setpoint change from 70deg to 68 deg. I’ m glad that it works already. Maybe theres a problem in smartthings app in android that the smartapps doesn’t communicate to the STapp thing. And thank Rboy for sharing thoughts trying to resolve my problem.

One question Rboy could i use two smartapps for the thermostat? Because I want a setting for away. The ultimate customize thermostat there’s an option for the mode so I will just exclude the away on that option. Is there any smartapps that trigger the thermostat base on mode? Anyway i will just search in the forum.

Yes that’s a pretty common way to use it. When you setup the app options scroll down to the last option which says Only during Mode and select everything except Away. Then you can use another app (or your can edit your mode and select change thermostat temp) for away mode similarly.

Thanks I got it.I can still use the same smartapps. Oh one more thing do i still need to set the time or leave it blank so it will trigger anytime as long its on away mode.

Not sure what you meant by this. The way ST works is that apps are never constantly running, they are run at events or schedules. So if the app is configured to work while in away mode, then the schedules/event will make the app execute it’s functions. If it isn’t configured to work in away mode then those functions will never be called even if the schedules/events are hit while in away mode.

So say if you’ve set the app NOT to operate in Away mode and you configure it to change the temp at 8:00pm. Say at 8:00pm the hub in away mode, this app will NOT be called so the temp won’t change. Say at 8:15pm you change the mode back to Home, since the schedule has passed it will NOT call the app. This is by design since this Ultimate App is designed to set the temp at a particular time it cannot guess when the next temp change is set (another instance of the app), it could be 1 minute or 1 hour or never, so the app doesn’t second guess the user’s intention here.

However if you use the 5-2 Thermostat I’ve published below, that DOES know that there are only X number of schedules set by the user in a day, so if the app returns from Away mode back to Home mode (e.g. as before it’s configured not to work in away mode), the app will determine that the last trigger didn’t fire and will set the temp to the appropriate temp within the current scheduled time. So say for e.g. you set the return temp to 70 and time to 7:30pm and the sleep temp to 65 and time to 11:00pm, as in the above case since you’re in away mode at 7:30pm it won’t change the temp, but when you change back to Home mode at 8:15pm, it will detect that the schedule didn’t fire and the next temp change is scheduled for 11:00pm, it will change the temp to 70 at 8:15pm (which it the temp set between 7:30pm and 11:00pm). Hope this helps.

On user request, created a new app to turn the Fan on/off on a Schedule:

Fix for changes in ST platform


I was just looking at this and wondered what thermostat’s this was compatible with? I have a Nest and have yet to find a good SmartApp/DeviceType combo that takes advantage of many of the features of my Nest. I didn’t see Nest anywhere in this thread and the picture seem to indicate it was for some other z-wave type of thermostat.


Any device that exposes itself as a thermostat. This is a very simple but powerful app. You can set as many or few schedules as you like. But the downside is each schedule is a new instance of the app.

I know I may be missing something in the way I’m imagining how either of these SmartApps works, and I guess we’ll find out next…

Would it be possible to use this SmartApp here in this thread for normal operations, but then also have @DarcRanger’s ‘Thermostat SmartApps that uses Virtual Switches to control Mode/Fan/SetPoints’ in order to have good functionality in SmartTiles?

I guess I could just try it, but I wanted to check in here, in case there are any known problems with this kind of configuration.

I have been using this to control my CT100 and it’s been working really well with one exception. I created two schedules. One that ran Mon-Fri and another that ran Sat and Sun, this is where I noticed that it when it came to friday my Sat-Sun one ran and on Sun my Mon-Fri schedule ran.

I played around with this further and just changed the schedule to individual days and sure enough it would run 1 day early. It always ran at the correct time it just ran 24 hours in advance. I contacted smartthings and they figure that TimeZone.getDefault() could be the culprit as it would pull UTC time zone. I am located in Canada.

Done fixed!..

###Ultimate Customizable Thermostat - Version 1.0.4

  • Added fix for error while installing if the hub location/timezone wasn’t specified. Now it’ll warn the user to add the hub location to that it can pick the correct timezone otherwise it’ll default to UTC timezone.

Thanks to DnCCrew for this step:

To set the hub Location, from smartphone app:

  1. Clicked on the 3 lines (top right corner)
  1. Clicked on gear icon (top right)
  2. Click area that says “Tap to set where home is on the map” and zoom in to correct location on map.
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I was wondering where you disappeared! You’ve got busy all of the sudden, I see. Good to see you cracking on the code again…lol


Not sure where the issue is but I have been having problems recently where my programs are not running. For example, I have one app set to run at 6am and set my thermostat to 68 when in heat but that did not run at 6. I do not see it listed under the recent actions. I don’t think the issue is that the hub cannot reach my thermostat because I can always change it manually. But this doesn’t always happen because then at 9 I have another program to set the temperature to 65 and that one ran. How can I begin troubleshooting this?

Report it to ST support that your timers are not firing on schedule and are
being missed. @Aaron

You may want to use a few minutes off the hour

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I don’t think having it run a few minutes off the hour will help. I had 3 schedules missed in a row so I guess there is an issue with my hub. I’ll contact support. Thanks!

Edit: I called support and they said they do not see any issue on their end and suggested that maybe your code is the one having the issue. I told them I don’t think that would be the case since for the first few weeks that I installed it I had no issues but since it is a community app they could not really test further. If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

@Aaron maybe you can assist here.

One thing to look at is the smartapp schedule history. Under my hub -> smartapps click on this smartapp. Scroll to the bottom and it’ll show you the next scheduled items and the history of executed items. That will tell what ran and what was dropped by the platform.


I know this is probably a really stupid question, but…

I’m just now finally getting around to implementing a thermostat scheduler SmartApp of some sort, and am looking through the ones available, and I just realized that I might want to just do this with rules instead.

So…What would be the difference between using multiple copies of this app, or using multiple rules in either rule Machine or CoRE to accomplish the same thing? i.e. what advantage would I gain by using this SmartApp over using rules in one of the rules engines we have to work with?