[RELEASE] Tasmota (Connect) for Sonoff, Tuya, SmartLife & other ESP8266 devices)

If the IR data is the same for ON & OFF, then it doesn’t know whether it’s on or off state.

Use the built-in ST automations or Smart Lighting. Or use Webcore.

No. It doesn’t support wifi sensors.

Reflash from the backups.

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I try with this guide, https://github.com/yaourdt/tasmota-to-mgos but not work for me unfortunately

Hi @hongtat, I saw in my IDE many errors like this in the picture. All on Shelly devices with Tasmota (shelly1, shelly 2rgbw, and shelly 1pm) not all, just some, but these errors are repeated cyclically and I don’t know what they could depend on

Can you update the Tasmota Connect codes to the latest (if isn’t), and let me know the device type of the error please.

Sure, the smartapp it’s already update :+1:

The error in the shelly1, shelly1pm, shelly PlugS and Shelly rgbw2 (all the type)