[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

Thank you all for your feedback.

Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 03.06.00

  • Allow for entry/exit delay countdown timers (when detailed notifications are enabled)
  • Don’t reset entry delay countdown if multiple sensors are triggered

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This is great.
How do I update?
I checked the auto update option.

Can you explain the “Optional resident sensors to temporarily disarm the system” option?
I don’t understand what this means, and can’t find documentation or an answer anywhere.

Great question. Two things to note:

  1. When the system is “arming” using the exit delay it will ignore any intruder sensors until it’s armed and ready
  2. When it’s armed and ready if it detects motion from a resident sensor, it will ignore the intruder sensors for the duration of the “exit delay” and then resume normal operation. For example if you define the resident sensor as your bedroom sensor and intruder sensor as all other motion sensor in the living room / kitchen / doors etc and set exit delay to 3 minutes. if you wake up at night to go to the kitchen for a drink of water, you will trigger the bedroom sensor (resident). Now when you walk into the living room and to the kitchen it will ignore these sensors (intruder) for a period of 3 minutes so you can have your water and return to bed without setting off the alarm. It allow you to extend the coverage in your house where traditionally you can’t arm any sensors where you may walk/use at night.
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This is a robustness release to fix an issue with the ST platform and add some additional features

Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 03.07.00

  • Fix issue with platform randomly resetting selected operating modes
  • Announce when disarming system on mode change (requires detailed notification to be enabled)
  • Improve support for multiple mode configuration

PLEASE NOTE: After updating to this version you will need to go into the Operating Modes page and re-select your operating modes. This is required this app now uses a different method to track mode changes to avoid the platform random reset issue.

Key Features:

  • Monitor your house security for single/multiple modes (home, away, night etc)
  • Monitor devices for device thefts using the tamper alerts option
  • Announce your alerts over your speakers/Alexa to alert the whole house
  • Create custom alerts/announcements
  • Send SMS to multiple numbers
  • Trigger multiple alarms/devices and automatically turn them all off then once of them is turned off
  • Create upto 3 schedules per day/week for monitoring
  • Setup entry/exit delays
  • Optional countdowns while arming and triggering alerts (enable detailed notifications)
  • Install the app multiple times to create separate use cases (security monitoring, theft monitoring, general alarms, monitor activity during the day or night or when away etc)

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FAQ: How to use Keypads to Arm/Disarm Intruder Alert with Actions

You will need a compatible Keypad and a SmartApp like LUM (Lock User Management) to create a user pin code and define actions

  1. Open LUM
  2. Select your Keypad under Locks on the main page
  3. Tap on Manage Users
  4. Tap an empty slot and enter a Name and a Code
  5. Scroll down to the bottom, tap Custom Actions/Notifications -> Enable Custom Actions
  6. Tap Keypad Unlock Actions
    • Setup your Disarming actions here (e.g. change Mode to Home, Run routine to Disarm, Turn off Alarms etc and tap Done/Save
  7. Tap Keypad Lock Actions
    • Setup your Arming actions here (e.g. change Mode to Away and optionally Run routines, Turn on switches etc) and tap Done/Save

Now you can use your Keypad to arm/disarm your setup. You can create multiple users.
If you want to use the same Arming/Disarming actions for ALL users, then instead of defining custom actions for each user, on the Main page you can tap Lock/Unlock Actions to set the same actions globally for all users.

We’ve released an enhanced custom device handler for the Vision Z-Wave Plus Siren so that the default behavior complies with the SmartThings standards. In your case the device was turning off automatically which wasn’t what you expected.

If anyone is using this siren, you can check out this DTH. It has some excellent features and is extremely loud.

I have been playing around with this App and would like to add a suggestion of having the ability to “enable” the system based the status of virtual switch(s). I think this would be helpful in situations where you want to set up multiple zones. In my case I have an in-law suite with a separate entrance, a detached barn, the main house and the main house garage. Right now I think the only way to have four zones is to install four instances of the App and then build modes for every possible combination of people being home / accessing each zone which is a bit complicated (I think it may end up to be around 24 modes). If you could have the app be enabled based off the status of a virtual switch then I could make four virtual switches and toggle each on if I want that zone enabled or toggle the switch off if I want that zone disabled. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong and there is a better way to do all four zones with any combination of zones enabled / disabled other than making a whole bunch of Modes.

I am also new to SmartThings but I do like the app and really appreciate the community’s help and openness to feedback.

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On popular request, the all new enhanced app with many new features as an alternative to Classic SHM (Smart Home Monitor) security module

Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 04.00.00

  • Added new ways to arm the system (individually or as a combination)
    • Hub Modes
    • Use Switches
    • Classic SHM Modes
    • Presence Sensor (arrive)
    • Presence Sensor (leave)
    • Operating Schedules (up to 3 daily/weekly)
  • Announce when disarming system (when detailed notifications are enabled)

This is a major update on popular request to support multiple modes or arming the system. Earlier the system only operated on hub modes and operating schedules, now you can also use Classic SHM, Presence and Switches to arm/disarm the system.

For example, if you would like to use the Classic SHM dashboard to arm/disarm the system (make sure Classic SHM security module is installed by not configured). You can select the Classic SHM state (e.g. Armed Away) in the Operating Configuration page.

When Classic SHM is set to Armed Away, Intruder Alert with Actions will arm, when Classic SHM is switched to Disarmed, Intruder Alert with Actions will also disarm.

You can also Entry and Exit delays so you can replace Classic SHM Security Module with many more added features and still use the Classic SHM dashboard to control the system.

If you would like to use Keypad to arm/disarm the system, see this post above from @RBoy

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback


I’m currently trying to get my system setup with Intruder Alert with Actions bc I’m more than 50% switched over to the new app and not pleased with design philosophy and automation limitations with SHM in the new app.

Regarding your instructions… I assume best practice would be to stay away from utilizing routines of any kind in order to arm/disarm? I’m only saying that bc it’s unclear what the future of routines are since they’re currently non-existent in the new app. I was currently using routines to handle classic app SHM.

I’ve now killed and uninstalled classic app SHM. Would I need to reinstall that if I’d like actiontiles control over arming/disarming from my tablet?

Love the addition of Alexa voice notifications. Could you possibly implement the same volume control in the notifications section that you added to the Chimes and Alerts smartapp?

Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 04.01.00

  • Added volume option for spoken notifications
  • Added vibration sensors in Intrusion Detection
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I was curious about the logic behind Enabling when “all configured conditions are met” and not when any of the conditions are met? The reason I ask is because I think it would make more sense for the system to be enabled if either every one has left or if a virtual switch is turned on. I think with how it is currently set up you can’t do that.

Ultimately what I am after is to use a few old tablets mounted to the wall so the in-laws can touch on a virtual switch tile on the tablet, get prompted for a pin and the system will be enabled for their zone, OR if they both leave but don’t turn the virtual switch on the system still will be enabled for their zone.

If there is a way to do this with the current requirement of all configured conditions must be met please let me know.

Thank you again!

If I wanted to set this up so the Zone configured in a particular instance of the app would be armed if certain people leave OR if a virtual switch is turned on should I set up routine to turn the virtual switch on if everyone in the desired zone leaves and set up a routine to turn the virtual switch off when any of the desired people arrive?


Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 04.02.00

  • Added support for beeping keypads on entry/exit delay in Notifications page
  • Added Locks as a condition in Arm/Disarm Settings page
  • Improved accuracy of exit countdown
  • Don’t resume playback if no audio volume is specified

Cross posting for keypad users:

I am using Sharptools to Arm/Disarm SHM, but Id like to have some (not loud) beeps. I have a Centralite keypad, but its not showing up as an option. (“There are no devices of this type”).

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Check if you’re running the latest version of the app and the latest keypad device handler.
Then see the instructions in the first post if this topic thereafter to enable beeping on your keypad for entry and exit delays.

Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 04.03.00

  • Now use your Bose/Sonos/supported Audio players to notify using an audio file to replicate your SHM settings
  • Use a custom Audio URL to play your own audio files

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Using the Intruder Alert with Actions, works perfect. Also using Lock User Management LUM with my KeyPad centralite 3400-c.

Using DeviceHandler: Enhanced ZigBee Keypad

My problem is that the entry beeps dont stop after the SHM is disarmed. Just keep beeping until my EntryDelay time is gone.

Any great solutions?