[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

This is a OPTIONAL update which requires you to UNINSTALL the existing app instances BEFORE updating the code. The settings will not be carried over and needs to be recreated after this update.

Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 05.00.00

  • (New) Create and manage multiple monitoring rules from within a single installed instance of the app

This update is to make it easier for users using keypads (Ring / ZigBee) to create arming conditions for different modes (Away, Stay, Night etc) and for those installing the app multiple times with different arming conditions to be managed through a single instance of the app using child monitoring rules.

NOTE: This update SHOULD NOT be applied without first uninstalling existing instances of the app. Updating the code without uninstalling the installed instances of the app can lead to unpredictable results. Please make a note of all settings in your existing installed instances (e.g. take screenshots), uninstall the existing app instances, update the code, install the app and re-create your rules.

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