[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

It’s in Classic and shows in SmartApp IDE.

From the screenshot you have in classic, you are in the “add a smart app” section (My Apps portion, which is your code in the IDE). Even though you have the code in the IDE, you still have to install an instance of it. This is when you’ll be able to configure it, etc.

Ahhhh, thanks. Still learning on how to navigate the new app.

I wonder if @maddie or someone from @RBoy might comment on this post?

Currently using STHM with Konnected and Actiontiles on tablets for Kiosks.

Will this app override the STHM issue where the intruder alert has to be manually dismissed in the ST app to avoid the siren going off when the system is disarmed after a door/windows sensor is triggered? Unfortunately, I cannot get ST notiications on my fire tablet Kiosk, so anyone disarming would still have to take out their phone to disable the siren, which is not ideal.

Also, I saw some questions about using the Konnected piezo buzzer to beep the entry/exit countdown beeps. Has anyone got that successfully working?

Has anyone successfully used their Tablet Kiosk to make the countdown notification instead of using an external speaker?

This is a OPTIONAL update which requires you to UNINSTALL the existing app instances BEFORE updating the code. The settings will not be carried over and needs to be recreated after this update.

Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 05.00.00

  • (New) Create and manage multiple monitoring rules from within a single installed instance of the app

This update is to make it easier for users using keypads (Ring / ZigBee) to create arming conditions for different modes (Away, Stay, Night etc) and for those installing the app multiple times with different arming conditions to be managed through a single instance of the app using child monitoring rules.

NOTE: This update SHOULD NOT be applied without first uninstalling existing instances of the app. Updating the code without uninstalling the installed instances of the app can lead to unpredictable results. Please make a note of all settings in your existing installed instances (e.g. take screenshots), uninstall the existing app instances, update the code, install the app and re-create your rules.

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I’ve found using exit delays to be very unreliable and nonfunctional for the most part on my Ring Gen 2 Keypad. Some of what I’ve been experiencing below:

  • Confusion regarding the exit delay when multiple instances are installed, what happens if I set different exit delays for all installs? Do I set the same exit delays between all of them? Just one?
  • How do I specify exit delays to only happen on Armed Away? Exit delays are 99% only needed for Away Mode.
  • General bugs where I’m not getting an exit delay at all, or there’s clipping followed by silence, then it switching to the correct mode after the exit delay.
  • If I arm the keypad, disarm the keypad (within the exit delay) it will automatically arm once the exit delay ends – This is not good!

@maddie and @RBoy, I have been using two Ring gen 2 Keypads, one in the mudroom entry and one in the master bedroom where my existing keypads were. I was finally able to get them set up in STHM using the LUM and some guidance on another thread. I simply want to use intruder alert for:

  1. Setting an exit delay on the Mudroom keypad when someone Arms Away the system and needs to walk out
  2. To have an entry beeping or flashing delay when someone opens the doors when the system is in armed stay or armed away and then having the alarm go off at 1 minute if someone does not disarm the system

Are you able to show me the screenshots or instruct me on how to do that

I am running into the same issue with the last point. I think I was able to set up configurations of both my armed and stay mode but similar to you if I arm and disarm within the exit period it goes back to arming. I have noonlight as a virtual alarm and I keep getting security calls from noonlight since my alarm goes off. I use STHM to trigger Noonlight by delaying the alert by 1 minute and delaying the response delay time to 1 minute. I believe that means that even if an intrusion is detected within a minute of arming the system it is fine.

I can’t seem to configure IA to make sure I can disarm the system within the entry delay. Any suggestions @RBoy and @maddie

I have attached my screen grab for what my setup looks like here. If you are able to help troubleshoot that would be great thank you.

and you got this working? i installed all the apps and device handlers…included the ring gen 2 keypad into my ecosystem…added users, added virtual buttons for STHM, and can’t even get the keypad to allow me to enter the code and change modes or anything…its absolutely useless right now. and not one person has been able to help…i agree on the screenshots…are you able to help us?

Probably didnt pair in Secure mode. Try to remove and re-pair.

I have everything set up and working, except I am having a problem with Exit Delay. I set the alarm to leave and I get the message that it will arm in X minutes. The motion sensors are not setting off the alarm, as expected, however when I open the door, the alarm goes off. I tried setting the door to “ignore while residents are present”, but that didn’t work either. Any ideas on what is up?

I just did a quick test here and it’s working fine.
Intrusion detection → Door contact sensor, Exit delay → 1 minute, Arming hub mode → Away, Detailed notifications-> On
Change hub to away mode, got a notification Arming in about 1 minute. Opened the door, nothing happened. Waited for a minute, got a notification that the system is armed. Opened the door, got an intruder notification. Changed hub to home mode, system disarmed, open door and nothing happens.

It sounds like you’ve got another rule, automation or app setup which is trigger your alarm when your door opens.

Thanks for checking it out. I think I found the issue. The DTH for the keypad had a setting that armed the keypad by default. Once I turned that off it seems to be OK.

Is there anyone who has a clear description of how to get Alexa to countdown the delays. I finally have everything set up correctly (I think) using Konnected Alarm System integrated with SHM and suing the Rboy app but would love to have Alexa do the countdown. Have not figured out how to get audio from Alexa.

@RBoy under “beep keypad for entry/exit delays” im not seeing any of my ring keypads listed, just other handheld (zigbee) keypads.

How do I make this happen? What’s the trick?

Yes you can mix and match STHM and IAWA as long as they sensors don’t overlap. For that matter you can setup multiple rules in IAWA (without and without sensor overlaps), multiple arming conditions or separate arming conditions for each rules. IAWA is a more flexible version of STHM from a rules perspective as you can create upto 500 different rules each with it’s own arming condition, response (alarms, lights etc) and notification configurations.

I have things set up to sound siren and turn on all the lights when alarm is triggered. Does anyone have any advice on how to acknowledge the alarm, silence the siren, and turn lights back off? Is there a way to make it happen by disarming the system? Thanks for any ideas.

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