[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

Hey there. You can use both apps in tandem if you prefer the dashboard style view of STHM. The first post has instructions on how to set it up. This app builds on the security features of STHM and is highly configurable in terms of how you can arm / disarm, what sensors it can monitor and the actions it can take. it also has entry and exit delays with a spoken countdown if you have a compatible audio system. You can also install it multiple times to use it in different configurations, for example you can User it as a security monitoring system and also as a theft monitoring system for valuables or detecting it simmering is tampering with your devices.

Programming keypads is done using LUM.


Ah ok, that helps. So I was thinking about getting the Ring Keypad Gen 2. Using that, the LUM, and the Intruder Alert with Actions, I should be able to use all together. I’ll take another look at the instructions. Are there any issues with using multiple Ring Gen 2 Keypads on the same system? Will the codes be synchronized?

If someone attempts to arm the RBoy Intruder SmartApp and there are doors and/or windows still open, does it tell you that there are things still open without going and looking at all the doors and windows elsewhere in the app?

@RBoy, I’m not sure if others have this feature request or not, but if there was an option to choose to turn on other device types–not just a keypad–for beeping when exit and entry delay is ongoing, that would be amazing. I have a Konnected “beeper” or “buzzer” and (I believe) it acts like a switch device type (things look different now that I converted to Konnected’s cloud system). So, in the “notifications” section, adding the ability to turn on (“beep”) things other than a keypad or audio device would be very, very handy…could even be a light bulb or virtual switches.

Thanks for considering it!

@RBoy, I am also migrating my alarm system to Konnected and trying to get everything working like a typical alarm if possible. I already have acitontiles set up with touch screens all over the house. I just purchased Rboys apps for this exact smartapp. And am trying to get it to work with Konnected keypad buzzers that I have installed at every touchscreen. I dont know exactly how to get this setup but it will be necessary to make my system function the way I would like. I also dont see the option to select my door contacts or overhead door contacts using this app. It would be nice to have the ability to use my main doors with delays for entry and exit, but have any window or security contacts report immediately.

Is this even possible?

Thank you in advance

You can select any compatible “contact” sensor in the Intrusion detection page. If your Konnected sensors aren’t showing up then you’ll have to contact Konnected to see why the sensors aren’t showing up.

Ofcourse, just install multiple instances of the app. Configure one to use the entry/exit delays, use the second instance to notify you when contact sensors are opened. This app can be used in a 100 ways and you can install it multiple times to account for each use case simultaneously.

Here’s an example where multiple installs provide different use cases at the same time based on how it’s configured:

  1. Entry/exit security system
  2. Notify if door/window is opened
  3. Monitor all devices for tampering and notify you/set off tampering alarm

You can couple Intruder Alerts with this app to make a powerful combination: [RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

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Hi there,

I use the Intruder SA and the LUM SA along with a single Ring Keypad Gen 2. The problem is that the keypad says Disarmed multiple times. I’m using three virtual switches and those are the states that everything else triggers off of. I’m also using the new STHM dashboard as well with a dummy switch to make it show up.

I use two instances of the RBoy Intruder SA, one for Armed Away, one for Armed Stay. For troubleshooting, if I flip the switch on the SA to disable both of the intruder SAs and only leave the LUM active, I do not get the duplicate verbal messages from the keypad. When I turn on the Intruder SAs again, I start to get duplicate verbals from the keypad (Disarmed…disarmed).

It would seem to me that the intruder app is somehow telling the keypad to disarm or something but I can’t find any settings in it for that. All I have set in the intruder app is triggers for the alarm, and the virtual switches that state away and stay.

What am I missing? I also noticed that when I turn the SA switch for the intruder apps off, the keypad will announce “Disarmed” when the intruder app switches off which is telling me that SA is somehow telling the keypad to disarm.

How is the Intruder app telling the keypad to disarm when I enable or disable or enable the intruder apps?

How can I troubleshoot this further? Drives me a little crazy when it’s repeating itself.

@RBoy I just installed the Smartapp and I have a question (request maybe?). Is there a way to “link” the simulated (dummy) contact sensor and motion sensor I am using in the STHM to your app?

The way I am thinking about it is:

  1. I select both simulated devices in your app
  2. Select both simulated devices in STHM
  3. While your app is monitoring my location, if it “triggers” an alert, it will change the status of the simulated device and “trigger” STHM too

That way we “close” the loop between your app and STHM. It will also help us see at a quick glance of STHM if we had an intrusion alert. If you see one, the user can dig into the notification/sms to see what the intrusion was.

Let me know what do you think or if you have any questions.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Maddie, why do I not have the screen (IMG_0038) in my SmartApp? I have the other ones, but that screen shot is not part of the app.

@maddie, this is a (very) basic question I am guessing (sorry): I have created virtual switches in smartthings so as to be able to Arm (home and away) and Disarm the IA smartapp. In the Automation logic (for instance "if the virtual switch is ‘on’), what’s the “Then” logic to turn on or off the IA smartapp? I a missing how/what to do in the automation rule to get the App to turn on or off.

Hey there. if you want to arm/disarm the IA app using a virtual switch, open the IA app click on Arm/disarm Settings -> Any of these switches are on -> Select your virtual switch. Now when the virtual switch is on, IA will arm and when it’s off IA will disarm. Hope this helps.

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Very helpful! Sorry I missed that very simple solution! Thanks for the quick response.


Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 04.07.00

  • (New) Added support for monitoring Garage doors (Meross WiFi, MyQ, Z-Wave, ZigBee etc)
  • (Fix) Don’t announce Disarmed on Ring Keypad multiple times when multiple instances of IA are being used
  • (Enhancement) Put limits on entry/exit delays
  • (Enhancement) Improve compatibility with new ST app
  • (Enhancement) Allow only supported arming devices to be selected under Beep keypad. This feature requires Ring Keypad device handler v02.00.00 or higher and ZigBee Keypad device handlers v02.00.00 or higher.

I’m loving this app! Nice work, @RBoy.

Wondering, is it possible to have the system not arm (and let you know why) if a door is open (for instance)? Essentially, it would be nice to have the system tell you it can’t arm b/c one of the sensors is not in the right state (doors open, etc.)?

I am hoping that there can be logic or a check to ensure doors aren’t open, there’s motion happening, etc. when arming the system.



Where can I find the Security System Intruder Alert with Actions in the new Smartthings? I’m able to find it in the classic app.


It doesn’t appear you have “installed” it. Tap the “+” to left of the hamburger icon in the top right.p and find the correct smart app.

It’s in Classic and shows in SmartApp IDE.

From the screenshot you have in classic, you are in the “add a smart app” section (My Apps portion, which is your code in the IDE). Even though you have the code in the IDE, you still have to install an instance of it. This is when you’ll be able to configure it, etc.

Ahhhh, thanks. Still learning on how to navigate the new app.

I wonder if @maddie or someone from @RBoy might comment on this post?