[RELEASE] HomeSeer Perimeter Water Sensor HS-FS100-W

This device will be getting an official Edge Driver soon…

This is a device handler for the HomeSeer Perimeter Water Sensor (HS-FS100-W).

This handler includes some workarounds that make it fully functional with Automations and all the built-in SmartApps, but they shouldn’t be needed once Custom Capabilities are fully supported. The handler also has some quirks that were unavoidable at the time of writing this handler because Custom Capabilities still have a lot of broken features.


  • Supports all the settings that are meant to be used with this model.

  • Water Sensor

  • Temperature

  • Power Source
    Shows if it was joined as a DC powered repeater or sleeping battery device

  • Alarm
    Makes device beep, but only works if the device was joined on DC power and is still on DC power. The ability to conditionally show tiles is currently broken so it’s displayed even when you can’t use it. The built-in Tone capability is missing from Automations and gets displayed as “find my device” on the device details screen so using the Alarm capability was the best workaround I could think of

  • Battery
    If the device was joined on DC power it’s not possible to get the battery level or conditionally hide it at the moment so it will always be 100%


  • This device shares a fingerprint with the HS-FS100-L so if you have both handlers installed you need to put // in front of the fingerprint line in the other handler before joining the device. If you don’t do that it might get assigned the wrong handler and due to platform caching issues it could still show the wrong UI after changing the type field.

  • When the device is powered by batteries and you change a setting the device won’t receive it until the next time it wakes up which could take 24 hours. You can manually wake the device up by pushing the physical button, but it doesn’t notify the hub that it’s awake so you need to refresh the device details a moment after waking it up. Swiping down when you’re at the top of the device details screen executes the refresh command.



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Does this sensor work ok if switching from battery power to DC powered? Or should it be excluded and rejoined while powered?

If you joined it as a battery device then you can power it with DC, but it won’t act as a repeater or report the temperature as often.

If you joined it on DC then you’ll need to remove and re-join it because it won’t sleep and the batteries most likely wouldn’t last more than a couple of days.

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I joined as battery, so should be good to go. I have one under my aquarium and just realized the Kasa power strip under there has a spare USB port, so may as well use it!

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I won’t be converting the HomeSeer Perimeter Water Sensor DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired, but it probably doesn’t need a custom driver.