Z-Link LD-100 Leak Detector Device Handler?

Has anyone been able to connect a Z-Link LD-100 leak detector and temperature sensor to their SmartThings hub? The company doesn’t supply a device handler and it doesn’t show up in the list of vendors when including the device. After including by PIN, it just shows up as an open/close sensor, which will work for detecting leaks but I won’t get the temperature readings.

This device should just use the standard leak sensor DTH. Go into the IDE (https://account.smartthings.com) and go into devices, edut the device abd change its type to ZWave Leak sensor (or something similar)

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That works for the leak detection, but doesn’t report the temperature. I’ll try some others that might work.

In the end, none of the Z-Wave Water sensor device types worked. None of them would report the state of the water sensor (though, ironically, the ones that had temperature capabilities did report the temperature).

I ended up going with the Z-Wave Door/Temperature sensor. It reports “Door Closed” when the leak sensor is dry, and “Door Open” when wet, and accurately reports the temperature.

I emailed them for a SmartThings DTH. In the mean time, the Fibaro Water Sensor ZW5 DTH works for water and battery. maybe temperature, but mine hasn’t sent a temperature report yet.

edit: temperature works too


Actually, I managed to reach them on the phone and they told me that using the “HomeSeer Perimeter Water Sensor HS-FS100-W” DTH would work for all features. Apparently it is the identical hardware, just sold under a different brand. I did install it and it works perfectly for this sensor!

You can find it here: