[RELEASE] Generic Video Camera DeviceType, Yes, Live Video Streaming

how do i go about doing this?

Count me on as another tester if you need one. I’ve got 6 Hikvision cameras with RTSP and MJPEG streams.

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Google it. I can’t tell you because I agreed to the Google and nest developer agreements. It’s very complicated.

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The first rule of beta testing is: You don’t talk about beta testing. :slight_smile:


Release will be this Friday on Live Code Fridays, github repo to follow. We will write the whole solution live.


Code is up https://github.com/pstuart/Generic-Video-Camera

Complete smartapps and devicetype to do mutliple camera installs from same code base.


Thanks. I lowered my resolution and it seems to be better. If I can get this working in Smartiles, I might keep it a lower resolution bc the trade off is worth it. Nice work!

This is quick, even with my 1080p streams, hit the device, hit the full screen thing, and bam it auto starts. LOVE IT!

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Are you using android or iOS? My 1080p was causing issues in iOS.

Android. Tested on Moto X and SG5 so far without issue, both on Lollipop. The low def stream loads about a half second faster but no artifacting or anything with either stream.

I can’t seem to be getting it working through my firewall. I opened up tcp port 554 and it’s not working. I’m using my dns name in my url field. Anyone get it working externally?

Edit: never mind. I got it working. I was testing from inside network and my guess is with rtsp, coming from inside network and going back out and in causes routing issues with packets. It works from outside.

I set a camera as the main device in a “room” and it shows the video window but will connect sporadically and not for long, error is “There was a problem retrieving the livestream url.” I assume that time is refreshing and breaking itself?

Edit: Well now it seems stable, weird.

I can not recommend external port forwarding, use a vpn.


Have noticed some lag sometimes during testing. Not sure what, but I think its garbage collection running behind the scenes and/or a memory leak that has plagued multiTiles since release.

Makes sense, it’s real sporadic, seems going full screen right off the room view works. The screen will also flicker once when it will work, but will just timeout to error without flicker if it will fail.

Yeah, totally unsupported features we are using. Hopefully the more people use this, the more likely it gets polished up and improved.


I think it’s nearly perfect already, sure you can add more bells and whistles, and I know many of you smarter than me folks will! Now if only SmartTiles would support unsupported features… :cry:

Hi Patrick, i am getting a camera unavailable. copy pasted the working url from my browser into the app. Any place i can see what the error is? can see the streamhandler events etc…but no indication of problems in log.

url looks like this: http://10.0.0.xxx:yy/videostream.cgi?user=USER&pwd=PWD

thanks for this very nice piece of work…:slight_smile:

Just because it works in browser doesn’t mean it streams.

Download vlc and use the network stream option to test.

Im also getting camera unavailable. Using this link http://myusername:mypassword@myip/video.cgi (on android and iOS) Link is working in both browser and vlc
Same with this link http://myusername:mypassword@myip:80/video/mjpg.cgi
I have a rtsp link on another camera working just fine (only on android not iOS)