[RELEASE] Generic Mini-Split AC Remote Device Handler using Broadlink RM Pro and Mini

Mini-Split ACs are very strange beasts, each keypress on the remote control formats ends the whole state to the AC. For example a TV Remote volume up button sends a volume up command to the. On a mini split AC a temperature up command would send something linked “cool, fan turbo, temp 42, vanes full sweep etc.”
So this remote maps a series of buttons for each one of the functions.

I have 3 sets of buttons:
Grey buttons - OFF and Dehumidify 66 F - 78 F, 2 degree intervals
Blue buttons - Cool 64F - 78F, 2 degree intervals
Red buttons - Hot 64F - 78F, 2 degree intervals

This follows pretty much the same lines as my previous TV remote for Broadlink devices. Dumb and brute force - but gets the job done, with minimal coding.

Follow the instructions for Broadlink and general setup from here:

The code is here

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I have a mini 3 that I would like to integrate with Smartthings.
I’m not an android guy (iphone user) so I don’t fully understand the concept of the Android Bridge that I have seen mentioned here and elsewhere.

Having said that, I do have an Android emulator on my PC so that I can run Android versions of a couple smartphone apps (smartthings for one), on my PC.

May be a dumb question, but…
Does having the emulator get me any closer to ST integration of the mini 3?
Could I use the emulator to set up the bridge?

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If you want to play with funky Chinese tech, you need to get with the programming and drop inhibitions. May be head to the closest target or walmart and drop a 20 on a android pay as you go phone, and never activate. Or get a amazon firestick, learn to side-load. If you can’t or don’t want do that, may be this is not for you.,a nd you should get another solution. There are a couple of well supported remote relay type things, similar to broadlink, that are supported out of the box.

Don’t know - try it and let others know if it works