RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)

@faspina I had the same concern but switching from Kobi to foobar got me going without having to run another system since foobar can direct audio to any source that your PC can use, even if it’s not the active source. This allowed me to direct ST alerts to my Echo via BT without changing anything about how my PC sends audio normally.

Hi, you can send audio even to airplay devices from foobar2000

the problem with foobar2000 and others dlna software is they change parameters each time they are restarted, the DLNA connect app search new changes every 3 minutes.

If you turn off your computer or the program is relaunched, smartthings will not find the device, “No present”, in maximum 3 minutes the connect app find and update the device parameters. Smartthings do not have access to dlna player until 3 minutes maximum.

I have a media server all time turned on , I have foobar2000 working all time and I have not problems, its very stable

I gave up on the linux VM solution and just ordered a d-link audio extender, it acts as a wifi extender which I need anyway. Plus I can use my an existing speaker I have with a 1/4 cable.

Hello, first off love the app. I recently purchased a StriimLight from AwoX as it is in the “confirmed working” list. That said, it plays the messages from ST just fine, however it repeats every phrase or sound over and over until I press stop in ST or in the AwoX Stream Control app.

Does anyone else have a StriimLight working properly, or are there any tweaks I can do to the DLNA app in ST to send a stop command, etc.

You may need to go into the Stream Control app and turn off repeat. If I remember correctly, this doesn’t show in the iOS app, but it does show in the Mac app. Not sure about others.

Hi, @JakeH, The repeat problem generally is by repeat mode in MR device. you can use any control point to disable the repeat mode, check the first post in control point section.
In post Working Speakers (44 Devices Confirmed , 29 waiting Confirmation) last addition: Klipsch Stadium, Help Us to increase the list you can find a list of working devices reported, and the user who has verify the device,
@obycode has reported the AwoX StriimLIGHT Sl-w10 device

I checked on iOS, Android and windows. They all show that repeat is turned off. Not sure if it’s malfunctioning or what’s up. I’ll keep playing with it.

@ule - Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve got the same device and it does work, except for the repeat. I’ve checked the control software on multiple devices and it shows repeat is off, and toggling it on and off has no effect.

Hi @JakeH , Try to play a song with control point, check if the song repeat over and over.
You can try to increase the timers gap in preference device in smartthig app

@JakeH Did you ever get the Striim working without the repeat issue?

Hoe did you get it to find ubi, ive been trying for hours lol


See post for the Ubi .

Also see this post for using up for announcing switch events, thermostat events and several other cool things.

It’s been a while since I used it, but I believe there is a basic DLNA app on the ubi.

For speech, I acutally used an Ubi rule tied to an HTTP request with a real basic ubi speech device type that was trimmed down from what @DarcRanger posted below. This worked well, as long as the ubi was actually connected. Mine often got disconnected

Hi @AutomateEverything, The UBI is a DLNA MediaRederer, it must works fine, I have read the UBI has problems with their DLNA implementation, its necesary to update the UBI, once updated it must be found by MediaRenderer Connect, Try to use the Browse UPnP app to verify your network settings, if you cant find it with Browse UPnP you must verify if upnp is eneabled in your router.

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I’ve been sitting with an problem for a while now.
I use the lario HD and the media renderer. It works when i use the smartthings labs sonos “play a sound or custom message through your sonos”. Though the custom message doesn’t work, the dogs bark pretty well :smile:

But when i try bigtalker, it finds the lario hd speaker, but there just won’t be any sound.
Is this connected to the problem that the smartthings labs -> sonos sound, wont play any custom message?

Because the sounds from bigtalker are also “custom” messages?

Has anyone else had issues finding UBI’s with this ?

Ive installed @jody.albritton’s device type for the ubi’s and ive uses BROWSE UPNP to find the Ubi’s and they BROWSE UPNP app can see the ubi’s but Generic Media Renderer cant find them . . .


I am using a Lario HD with the “Sonos Notify with Custom Sound” app to play custom messages and it works more or less fine (besides delays). The dog works fine, too. So your setup should work in general. I have “Resume currently playing music” set to off and “Temporarily change volume” set to 100.

I never got the “Big Talker” App to play custom messages though.

I think this has to do with the fact that there are 2 ways to render text to speech in Smartthings: capability.speechSynthesis/speak(string) and speechDeviceType/playText(string). E.g. when you install the “Big Talker” app you have to initially choose between Sonos/VLC THing and Ubi/VLC thing. From what I understand this selects one or the other method. From what I understand you have to select Sonos for the Lario to work. Sorry - I know this does not solve your problem but may be good background.

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SmartTings platform is not working fine, the text to speach function does not works, every app who use the text to sepach (tts) function will be fail , some apps run the tts function and save the audio url to send to MediaRenderer others apps send the text and MR run the tts function.

Some texts have been cahed and works fine, but if you are using new text will be fail.

We only can to wait SmartThings Fix the tts function problem.

You can send a mail to support, maybe if they get a lot of mails about fix the function they can mark this issue with a priority flag


I’m using Foobar and control works fine via ST, but when using the Sonos Smart App to play a song, it shows the tracks in the Foobar library but says Unavailable next to each track. Has anybody seen this? Or does the library on Foobar not work with this?

Hi @sgord, I have test the MR Device and is working fine with foobar2000, I have loaded some songs in playlist and start plying pushing play button in device interface from smartthings, the next track and previous track work fine, try to control the foobar2000 from device interface just to confirm the device is working fine, maybe the problem is in the app and not in the device