[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat Device Handler - Honeywell, GoControl, CT, Linear, Trane, MCO, Remotec

As @jpetrone said if the hub doesn’t receive any events from the thermostat within a specified period of time, it marks the thermostat offline.
We have seen in our lab, some thermostat models firmwares lose directional connectivity with the hub, ie you can send it commands but not receive updates or vice versa. This was explained many posts above and is sometimes related to fluctuating power supply issues.

The simplest solution is to reset it as explained here:

If it still happens, the other solution is to exclude the device, factory reset it (see first post) and then pair it again.

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Thanks @RBoy - I’ll give it a go.

Just to close the loop here. This seems to have fixed the issue. Been humming for a week.

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So this thermostat turned itself off overnight, causing my family to wake up to a freezing house. (luckily it didn’t drop too low in our area).

I changed the batteries, but this is hooked up to a C-Wire. I’m wondering if it’s malfunctioning or something wrong with my C-wire wiring.

Turned itself off like you woke up and it showed dead like no power. Or turned itself off like as if someone turned the heat to off? If it’s completely dead then I’d assume the C wire isn’t doing its job. If just switched OFF , I’d look through your SmartThings logs to try to determine why it was triggered off.

The mode had changed from HEAT to OFF. I’ll look through ST logs, but I have no automations that change the thermostat mode.

I’m having a small issue with my Honeywell TH6320ZW2003 T6 Pro. I hooked up the thermostat to a C-Wire, without batteries, and then paired it to my ST hub. Everything seems to work fine, but the “powerSource” seems to always be reported/set as “unknown”, causing me to periodically get “low battery” warnings. Is this a bug, or is there some change I need to make in the device configuration to get the power source properly set?

Your thermostat doesn’t support reporting the power source which is why it’s showing as unknown (not all models report this). Anyways that’s not related to the low battery issue.

The thermostat is reporting a low battery level which is why you’re getting the warnings (because you don’t have batteries installed). Just add some batteries to it (it’ll act as a backup power source)

There is a new UI update in the works which has a customized UI for each thermostat model so you won’t see unsupported attributes (like for this model it won’t show the power source).

Well rats! Thanks for the quick response! I guess it’s not a big deal for me to throw some backup batteries in there, just seems a bit silly if my primary purpose is to stop the low-battery reminders. Any chance in the future you could add a way to manually specify/override the powersource setting, or an option to disable the battery warnings? And thanks again for such awesome apps!

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If I exclude and repair my thermostat, will that affect all my WebCore pistons that access that thermostat? Will I have to comb through all the pistons and look for hexadecimal pointers and replace them with the repaired thermostat?

I have CT-101 thermostat. It runs very well with ST. after I updated device handler recently, operation state always delayed. Sometimes several minutes after heat pump running, sometimes never change. Is it the new device handler issue or the new SmartThings app issue?

It sounds like a classic mesh issue. Try to hit the black reset button on the thermostat top and then do a zwave repair. Also if you haven’t included the device with the C-Wire connected you should try that as it puts the thermostat into active repeater mode.

Update for the new SmartThings Mobile app

Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat with Humidity, Filters, Lock Controls and Setpoint Limits - Version 05.00.00

  • (New) Custom UI for specific thermostat brands (CT, Honeywell, GoControl, MCO, Linear etc)
  • (New) Custom controls for thermostat locking (fully, partial, unlocked)
  • (New) Custom controls for filter replacement reminders and filter reset
  • (New) Report power source, AC Power (C-Wire)/Battery
  • (New) Report current thermostat fan mode - Auto (Idle), Auto (Running), On, Circulate
  • (Enhanced) Customized setpoint limits for GoControl, CT, Linear, Honeywell and ZTS thermostats
  • (New) Report humidity for Honeywell T6 Pro and more thermostat models
  • (Fix) Fixed filter reporting for GoControl and ZTS thermostats
  • (Enhanced) Enable Auto changeover (auto mode) for Honeywell T6 Pro, Honeywell T5 and other Honeywell thermostats
  • (New) Option to ignore low battery for thermostats connected to C-Wires


  • If you’re upgrading from version 4.x or older: the UI may not reflect the new changes due to platform caching. One way to force the cache to clear is to change the device handler to Z-Wave Device and then back to this Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat device handler from the IDE, then sign out of the ST mobile app and sign back in. If nothing else works, you may need to exclude your device, delete the device handler and reinstall it if the UI does not update after 24 hours.

Enhanced Z-Wave Thermostat with Humidity, Filters, Lock Controls and Setpoint Limits - Version 05.02.00

  • (New) Added support for Remotec ZXT 120
    • Set air conditioner IR code (learning not supported, refer to manual)
    • Humidity reporting
    • Humidity offset correction
  • (Update) Added support to detect power source for all battery operated thermostats