[RELEASE] Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Thermostat Device Handler - Honeywell, GoControl, CT, Linear, Trane, MCO, Remotec

Then I would just repair the network followed by a reboot of the hub. You can try changing the reporting frequency to 0.5 degree and turn off the battery save mode (if you’re using the RBoy handler).

And when I say reboot I mean power off /on (remove batteries if inserted also).

EDIT: Also make sure that you have the C wire connected BEFORE pairing with the hub, other exlude it and re pair it while the C wire is connected, otherwise it won’t act as a active Z-Wave repeater note and instead will be come a listening beaming device.

I’m not sure what is causing the problem but I’m using this device type for both of my CT30 thermostats and keeping loosing my z wave network. I’ve tried each device and narrowed it down to these two. Once I power cycle them everything goes back to normal. I have them both on c wire with no batteries.

I have 3 Ct100 and CT101 and no issues. But those come with factory fitted zwave modules, possible issue with the plugin modules in the CT-30. Try to exclude them, re pair them and then repair the z-wave network. (also try power cycling your hub don’t forget to remove the batteries)

Hi guys - Two questions please:

  1. I have a Mitsubishi minisplit HVAC system that uses proprietary wiring and only works with the Mitsubishi MHK1 thermostat (made by Honeywell for them). HOWEVER - The minisplit system does support the Redlink Internet gateway, which enables me to use Honeywell’s My Total Connect Comfort iPhone app and website portal to control the system. Being able to control it via the app is nice, but I also would like to have a Z-Wave thermostat on the wall to control things. Is there any way to use the CT100 or other such Z-wave thermostat so that I can use Z-wave to control the Minisplit? Perhaps I don’t need the CT100 and there’s some other device that will act as a bridge between SmartThings and the Redline/Honeywell app?

  2. Regardless of the above, I need an accurate humidity sensor for the room. When the humidity rises above a certain point, I want to send a signal to my GoControl z-wave relay and have it send trigger my dehumidifier to turn on. Likewise when the humidity drops I want to tell the GoControl relay to turn off the dehumidifier.

I already have the GoControl relay part working, so that I can use SmartThings to manually turn on/off the dehumidifier and that works great. But now I need to tie it into a humdistat and have it smartly turn it on/off. What is the best (and best SmartThings supported) device that will monitor the humidity so I can have smart rules that tell the GoControl to toggle the dehumidifier on/off? If the CT100 can be used to control my system (question #1 above) than I suppose I can just use that for both the minisplit and dehumidifier control. But if I can’t then it may be overkill to have a whole (and somewhat large, relatively speaking) CT100 on the wall just to act as a humidistat.


I cannot speak to whether the CT100 will be able to act as a bridge for your minisplit but I would venture to say not without writing some custom code, there may be a way to actually control the current thermostat you have with ST with some custom code since it does have control through a phone app, the question is whether or not the thermostat will allow you to talk to it via some API that is not proprietary which it really sounds like it is so not sure how much luck you will have there. You may want to look at the below thread regarding the thermostat.

As far as humidity sensors there are a few out there but the only one I can provide information on is the Aeotec multisensor that has motion, humidity, LUX, and temp sensors as well, it is a bit pricey but if you also need motion sensing in the same area then it makes it worth it. Below is a link to that on Amazon although if you only need humidity I am sure there are some other sensors that are less expensive. I have found the sensor to be very reliable and it comes with a cable so you can plug it in instead of running on batteries if you want (it also has batteries if you prefer that).

Thanks Michael. How is the reliability and accuracy of the Aeotec multisensor? I read a review that said the humidity reading was not accurate but that may have been specific to that one user or unit.

I’ve got two, and they both run about 10% low. It’s not bad, but I wouldn’t trust them as your primary humidity sensor. I bought a non-smart humidity sensor and put it up next to all my smart ones to calibrate them (after verifying that the other was accurate within 1%-2%). The cheap accurite ones that you can get on Amazon are usually pretty good for that.

Thanks. I need something that is more accurate as it will control my dehumidifier. I just ordered the CT100. At a minimum I’ll use it just as a humidistat. And if there’s some way I can use it to talk to Redlink to talk to my Mitsubishi minisplit (instead of being forced to use the MHK1) then all the better.

Does the CT100 have an option where the LCD screen stays off? I can’t have any light coming off of it, except when interacting with it of course.

Mine doesn’t have a backlight on unless interacting with it…

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Interesting, I only have 1 of them but the humidity only seems to be off by about 3% as verified with a digital non-smart humidity sensor that I use for other purposes and has always been reliable. Either way I believe the device type is setup such that you can set an offset if yours is off since the sensor does support setting that.

##Z-Wave Thermostat - Version 2.4.5

  • Added support for all CT-XXX thermostats configuration

If anyone has the fingerprints for any CT thermostats (CT90, CT110, CT50, CT80) please contact me. You can find the fingerprint in IDE -> My Device -> Click on your thermostat device -> Raw Description
Just PM it to me along with your CT model number, thanks.

Does the CT100 show the humidity level on the unit’s LCD screen? I just got the CT100 thermostat. I intend to use it mainly for its humidity sensor, which all the research I did seems to suggest that its quite accurate compared to others. When I turned on the thermostat I was surprised to see it show only the current temperature without any humidity reading. Likewise there is nothing in the manual about humidity reading. However I know this unit is capable of reading humidity because I’ve seen so many references to it on ST. Is it just the case that the humidity sensor is an internal part of the CT100 and its reading only accessible through ST?

Yes it does, just tap on the time on the top left corner of the thermostat screen and it will switch between humidity and time.

Also, for me it seems like the time and humidity is replaced by “OFF” when I turn the thermostat off. Seems crazy to me that such a large LCD with all the various notifications/numbers on it couldn’t have a dedicated humidity. Also mine doesn’t seem to transmit the humidity as often as temp for some reason.

Is there any difference in terms of features, accuracy or functionality between the CT100 and CT101? The CT101 seems to be smaller from the picture but not sure how else they are difference and if they are the same otherwise and are equally well supported via ST etc?

Hi all - I installed the device handler from here: https://github.com/SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/smartthings/zwave-thermostat.src/zwave-thermostat.groovy with the customizations (except up/down arrows) shown at the top of this thread. When I press the Configure button from ST nothing happens. What may be causing that and how can I fix it? I also tried using the GitHub code unmodified and likewise the Configure button does nothing.

Another issue is that in ST the humidity is not updating as it changes, but the temperature is updating correctly. Is there a different polling time for the temperature than the humidity? As a test I put the CT100 outside and watched the temperature drop in ST but the humidity on the LCD correctly says 70% but ST still sees it as 48% which was the number when I put it outside 15 minutes ago… ?


Yep. Mine has the same issue. I haven’t found a fix. If you got Rule Machine before it was pulled, you can set up a periodic trigger to refresh the thermostat. I set mine for 30 minutes, so the humidity level updates every 30 minutes, anyways. Occasionaly (really, really rarely), the humidity will update between those refreshes, but I think it’s happened once or twice in the past month or so.

Even when I clicked Refresh the humidity did not refresh. Is there a way I can customize the refresh period for the humidity? The temperature seems to refresh quickly.

I’ve just about given up on the CT100. As I’ve written about here over the past few days, it does not send updates to the humidity. Changes in temperature are reported within 10 seconds or so. But the humidity never updates on its own - I have to press the arrow/refresh within the ST for the device - then within 30 seconds it updates. Also the humidity sensor reads about 7% too high. Anyone have an idea what may be the issue on not getting humidity updates? I have an Aeotec Multisensor 6 arriving tomorrow that hopefully will work more reliably.