[RELEASE CANDIDATE] Nutty Master Switch (Control a group of switches with a single "Master" switch)

(Chris Nussbaum) #1

I just uploaded my new “Nutty” (my last name means nut tree) Master Switch SmartApp. I have seen other similar apps but were mostly to complicated for what I needed. It does rely on the “On/Off Button Tile” device handler so you have to download/create from template this device in your device handlers. The app simply creates a virtual switch that will be on if any of the selected devices are on and off otherwise. Optionally turning on the master switch can turn on all or a subset of the linked switches. I use this to group all of my Harmony Hub activities into a single “switch” this allows me to use a single command to Alexa to turn off my TV no matter what activity is active and to have a single switch to turn off in various routines (Goodbye, Good Night, etc.). Let me know if this is helpful to anyone or if you experience any issues.


(Vineet) #2

Not working for me, says unexpected error when I try to define a master switch in the app. Is this still working ?

(Chris Nussbaum) #3

It is working for me currently but I haven’t tried adding a new switch recently. Did you create the “On/Off Button Tile” device handler first?

(Vineet) #4

I missed the DTH part, but anyway, my purpose was solved using the Alexa Switch DTH.