[RELEASE CANDIDATE] CoRE (Community's own Rule Engine)

The only condition you have in your piston is the Everyone Left switch, so the only time the piston will execute is if that switch changes state. Mode is not a condition or trigger, so mode changes do not cause the piston to execute.

If you want mode changes to cause the Mode Away piston to fire again, you need to have mode as part of the If block.

Post your mode change piston also, maybe one of us can offer some ideas based on what you’re trying to have happen.

I think I used your mode selection to start with. These are the 2 pistons that I use and it worked great until my morning mode started to be after we left for work. I think a way to re-evaluate my mode away piston would fix it, but I’m open to anyway that works.

Here’s what I would do. Take this piston, change the operator from AND to OR. Then add an action in the “Then” section (the main piston Then section, not an individual action), set it to “Using Location, Execute piston Mode Away”. If I’m thinking this through correctly, your current time triggers and individual actions should remain unchanged, but every single time trigger will make the whole If block evaluate as true, which will execute the Mode Away piston and force it’s evaluation as well. Simple change too, you don’t need to rewrite any pistons or create any new ones. I’m not sure which order tasks are scheduled in, so you may need to add a few second delay in front of the execution of the Mode Away piston in case it’s actions are happening before the Mode Selection actions happen.

Another option is to rewrite and combine both pistons into a single big one, or split out and have 5 separate pistons, one for each mode that sets either the primary mode or the away version of the mode, but these require more work obviously.

I Just wanted to leave this video here since CoRE helped make it possible. I just got done setting up my lights for the Holiday, here are my Halloween Colors:

Which colors did you use? Or did you use hue?

I used colors;

Orange is Tomato and Purple is Indigo

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Thank you :wink:

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Hi Folks,

I’m in UK so have manually installed CoRE (says github not available). I’m on version v0.3.161.20161027.

It all shows up on the iPhone and creating a piston seems OK until the final save when I get “an unexpected error” and the following in the IDE live logging

error java.lang.NullPointerException @ line 8651

Any ideas please?

Check to make sure your timezone is correctly setup - looks like a problem with understanding time in a string format. I think the location timezone can be set in the IDE, not sure.

Thanks ady624 !

I hadn’t given location permissions to the app on the iPhone. Done that now. Works :slight_smile:

Seems like a brilliant app by the way!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

@gembrain @ady624

I am also in the UK and when following the instructions from the Wiki saw the same message about GitHub integration only being available in the US. :frowning:

@ady624 you specifically list a UK link does this imply you feel it should be possible to integrate? If not could you provide instructions on how to manually set things up? (Which would presumably also help users in other unsupported countries.)

Could someone give Samsung/Smartthings a prod to add official UK integration support?

You can find the manual installation instructions here

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I raised a case months ago about the lack of Github integration for the UK.
The response was that it was not going to be provided but watch this space for improvements that are coming to get round this.
At that point I gave up as ST are brilliant at promising things in the future only for nothing to materialise.
If you want to push them again, good luck. You’ll need it.

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For a complete beginner it was very easy to install it manually just following the very clear instructions.

Not sure what happens when the next release comes out but hopefully I will manage :slight_smile:

Revisit the github code, select all, copy, paste over the existing code in the IDE, Save, Publish > For Me. Done. :wink:

Of course, having github integration is nice, but hey…

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Dang, I’m slacking… 2 versions behind.

Just started using Core but am finding when i am trying to select a time it wont let me select the PM option??

It lets me scroll to the PM option but doesn’t select it. Am running latest iOS on iPhone 6.

That is strange. You select the hour, the minute, then the am/pm? Do you happen to have another device you can try it on?