[RELEASE CANDIDATE] CoRE (Community's own Rule Engine)

See the last post was Sept 2016. Is this thing still in RC mode, or is it good to go? Wanting to install it, but not unless it’s in a stable condition?

It’s good as is but a much better web based version is being developed and in Alpha…

CoRE is very stable. You can feel free to use it. You will likely find it is far more reliable than standard ST apps.

Yes @ady624 is working on a web version that is easier to use, but it is alpha now with an early May beta date.

Thank you for the replies. I’ll look into installing it.

Hey guys - I’m using CoRE v0.3.169.20170104. It’s working fine, but I would like to upgrade to the latest stable version. But before I do that I wanted to make sure it is fully backward compatible with my existing CoRE rules. So I can just updated the device type to the latest, or do I need to be concerned about breaking something? Thanks.

Development on the new version is moving quick. It might be worth checking it out now and getting the hang of it instead of upgrading your old CoRE installation. You can run them at the same time and pause your old CoRE piston while testing your new one from webCoRE.

And here’s the assistance thread…

Here is a little video I made mostly using core. This shows a very small part of the potential of this great smartapp. thanks @ady624


I wonder if someone can help. I have 45 pistons with varying degrees of complexity that I have tuned over the last year or so. As I have added pistons, the user interface on the app has got progressively slower. I have now got to the stage where the app times out when I try to edit any piston. This means that I can’t edit or delete anything and effectively cannot change anything in CoRE.

I suspect that there’s a timeout in Smart Things that stops a Smart App if it executes for too long or seems to hang. I know what I need to do to move forward - separate out my pistons into multiple CoRE instances, but I am unable to access any of my pistons as the UI always times out. This means that I can’t access any of the logic to set up new instances. The thought of deleting CoRE and rebuilding the logic in all those pistons is too bad to contemplate.

Does anyone have any ideas - @ady264 - any help for a desparate but passionate CoRE advocate?

Yes you will need to split CoRE into multiple instances.

Have you tried accessing the pistons via the devices that they use? Go into a device in the ST app. Then hit the SmartApps tab ( the one that shows the list of all smart apps the device is used in) and open the piston from there. Try deleting it or modifying it.

Another approach is to log into the IDE, go to your Location. Then go to the bottom of the page and click the list SmartApps link.

Then click Edit

Find a CoRE piston and hit uninstall.

ST lowered the timeout interval recently. Update CoRE, it may help. Start looking into webCoRE… :wink:

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Thanks @whoismoses and @ady624. I managed to delete some pistons by accessing via the devices and now have split down to multiple instances. I’ll check out webcore!

My github integration malfunctioned. I did not get past the ‘fork’ instructions. Now I cannot see an option to correct this. Please help.

@ady624 is there a problem with time capability right now
im installing for a friend and problems arise if i select time capability then after that it goes blank or after selecting any option.
anyone else?

Check that the timezone was properly set in the IDE

Doh! :stuck_out_tongue:
i turned off location services b/c i didnt want my phone to be messing up his presence

thanks @ady624

@ady624 are there any safe guards/rails built into CoRE? E.g. checking for infinite loops or some rate limitations? If not I think that would be a very valuable feature to have built in by default - advanced users could override them but to truly make it new user friendly and avoid accidental abuse when interacting with device handlers.

@ady624 you may want to update the thermostat capabilities section, ST has changed the Thermostat Mode enum from emergencyHeat to emergency heat

You may want to check out


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Thank you @RBoy, I don’t think they did - but I had an error in the emergencyHeat() command that was hooking up for “emergencyHeat” instead of “emergency heat” which means state restoration did not work when previous state (the one being restored) was “emergency heat”.

v0.3.16d.20170828 - RC - Fixed a problem where the value for emergencyHeat() was mistakenly set to “emergencyHeat” instead of “emergency heat” - thanks @RBoy

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Perfect bro ! Thanks ! :calendar:

If you are still using CoRE, please update to the latest version as soon as you can. Here’s what changed:

v0.3.16e.20171219 - RC - Replaced recovery safety nets using unschedule() with a much more optimized method that does not affect ST as much as unschedule() does

This is important as CoRE has been identified as a major choke point on a certain method that it uses (ST describes that as expensive in their documentation. As it turns out, it is. With ST’s help, CoRE is now able to recover from timeouts much faster and with a lot less resources than by using its own recovery safety net. You should also consider moving on to webCoRE instead, as CoRE is no longer actively maintained and only gets critical updates.

Thank you