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[RELEASE] 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat Scheduler (Weekday, Weekend) with Remote Temperature Sensor for each Schedule


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eMail us screenshots of your settings and we’ll check it out. Most likely it’s a settings issue.

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My question might be a bit off topic but I would like to use the weather station tile as my remote sensor and then turn on or off a switch to control a pump. I only want the pump on when the temperature falls below 30 degrees but still be able to shut it off at certain times of the day (While sleeping) or at different times of the day so it does not run 24/7 for weeks during the winter. Can this 5/2 Thermo app do it?
If I select the weather station as my remote sensor and a switch as my designated heater then set a wake time (on) set heat to 30 degrees cool to 99
then set at a leave time (off) set the heat to 10 degrees and the cool to 99 degrees.
Will this turn on my heater when below 30 degrees until the leave time when it would only come on when below 10 degrees (not often).

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  • Yes you can use the weather station as a sensor.
  • Yes you can select a switch for a cooling and heating applicance (don’t select the thermostat and you’ll see the switch options)
  • You can set schedules and to limit when to run them you can use modes (create a mode for your hub do when you want to activate the “switch” schedules) or you can use the external temperature sensor option with a threshold temperature to switch the mode between heat and cool if you’re using a regular thermostat instead of a switch.

(Paul) #214

Thank you this I very helpful. Just to verify, if the sensor temp is less than the set heat temp, the heater “switch” will go on and then off if above that temp. I have not chosen a
Cooler switch so setting the cooler temp at 99 should do nothing ( I can’t leave the field blank).

Thanks again for great apps and device handlers.


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5-2 Day Thermostat with Remote Sensor - Version 03.07.00

  • Added support for setting decimal values for thermostats which support it (e.g. Celsius thermostats)

(Head of Support ( #216

5-2 Day Thermostat with Remote Sensor - Version 03.08.02

  • Added support for shutting down thermostat if doors/windows are left open
  • Added advanced settings option to enable battery saver mode (reduces verification communications, only enable if you have a strong mesh with repeaters especially while using remote temperature sensors)

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Use Temperature Sensor to start Heater?
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does mode change trigger the schedule if the mode changes after a schedule time? For example i have the away mode scheduled and a leave time set for 8am monday-friday but for some reason we do not leave till 9am one day. Once the system goes into away mode will it trigger that schedule or will it wait until the next scheduled change?

sorry for all the questions

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If you’re referring to the 5-2 day thermostat app, yes a mode change does trigger the current schedule.

(Rusty Knabe) #219

For the advanced version of the app, have you considered doing a runtime monitor. Something that would let me see the runtime for the day at a minimum.

I have switched from the wifi version of the thermostat to the zwave one, and the one thing I miss in the RadioThermostat mobile app is the runtime reports that are available.

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That’s a neat idea for the Thermostat DTH since it has an interactive user interface v/s a SmartApp that runs in the background with just a configuration interface.


Hello everyone,
New ST user here. First, thank you RBoy for putting out this SmartApp. To one degree (no pun intended) it is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve been trying the free version before I commit to purchasing the advanced, but I am having an issue that I hope someone can help me with.

I recently purchased a home with all electric baseboard heat (woof!). I plan to change it out, but will have to suffer through this winter with it. Because it’s line voltage, I essentially had only one option for a smart thermostats. I went with the Stelpro Z-Wave Plus KI STZW402WB+. I have two of them in bedrooms. I have a brand new Samsung STH hub. I have created the SmartApp based on the code provided here. My problem is that it only switches scheduled entries correctly intermittently. For example, I have it set to start heating at 6am to 69 degrees and then to let it drop to 63F at 8am. Often times, it won’t switch either thermostats to 63F @ 8am. If i go into the SmartApp, change nothing, and simply hit “Save”, it will then switch to the proper temp setting for that time period. The behavior is intermittent. Sometimes it works as scheduled, other times it requires the “fix” I mentioned about which defeats the entire purpose. I have verfied my settings in the SmartApp. I have modified my schedule in the SmartApp. I have manually reboot both the thermostats and my STH hub. The problem still exists. One thing I will do over the weekend is look through my firewall logs to make sure nothing is being blocked. Outside of that, I’m at a loss and I’m considering going back to just plain old non-“Smart” thermostats. Any input is greatly appreciated.


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You’re welcome.

What you’re describing sounds like a typical mesh issue. Is the mesh is weak it can “lose” commands so it appears that sometimes it works and other it doesn’t.

The solution is to add a repeater close to your device.

It a very common issue especially with locks and thermostats. Here is a topic explaining the issue and why repeaters are needed even if the hub is close to your devices. (It’s for locks by applies to most beaming and sleepy devices)

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I am using 5-2 Day Thermostat Scheduler on my Zwave thermostat.
But it does not decrease the temperature setpoint when the time comes.
For example, I have a "sleep time " set to 22:00 and the “sleep heat temp” is set to 20 (celcius)
The previous setting is 22 (celcius)
When the time comes, (22:00) it writes to the thermostat history “thermostat program sent setHeatingSetpoint command to Heater” but the temperature setting did not change . It is still 22.
What is wrong ?

smart app version : “03.09.00”
device handler version : “04.03.03”

the devicehandler works fine as a standalone device.


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Check out my post above about lost commands.

Also try wiring your thermostat with the C-Wire which helps it not “lose” commands (it switches from beaming mode to active listening/repeating mode). After adding the C-Wire your thermostat you will need to be excluded and re paired with the hub for the changes to take affect.

EDIT: Maddie is working with you on this, looks like your hub has a wrong/different timezone assigned to it which causing the app to fire at time different from your local time.

(ilker Aktuna) #225


There is no problem of operating the thermostat as standalone device with the device handler.
It gets the command each time I try.

The problem is between the Smart app (from RBoyAPPs) and the device.

And to clarify, my thermostat is running on C-Wire and very close to the ST Hub.

There is a problem of setting heatingsetpoint through the 5-2 Day Thermostat Schedule app.
I am waiting for your further instructions about my situation.

(Warren) #226

@RBoy I’m experimenting using the Sinope thermostat (heating only) with the app and was wondering about a permanent hold as well as a seasonal or vaca hold.

I saw someone asking about permanent hold in the thread but didn’t see an answer. Thoughts?

As far as seasonal hold, that would be a sweet feature for the app if you could have a modifier for the schedules that allows you to set months of the year or similar where you want the thermostat held to a certain temp (like say 50F during the warmer months).

For a vaca hold, I guess you could create a ST mode for that to and set the app to not do control during that mode only which I think would stop the scheduled changes. Any other possibilities?

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This feature already exists. If you want a “permanent hold”, just deselect the thermostat from your list of thermostats in the app. It won’t program the thermostat. All the settings will remain as is. When you want to re-active it, select your thermostat. This was implemented in this manner (rather than through a button) because some folks synchronize multiple thermostats schedules within single app, this way they can put some thermostats on permanent hold while other continue to operate normally.

Will add it our feature request list

This feature already exists. You can select the Operating Modes in the app. E.g. you can select Home and Night from the list. When the hub changes to Away, the app won’t operate

(ilker Aktuna) #228

@RBoy, @maddie
Thanks to Maddie from RBoyapps, we could finally solve the issue using a workaround on the smart app code.
Actually it is a issue to be solved on the ST cloud. But nowadays ST support is too SLOW…
I will be waiting a permanent solution from ST support anyway…


@mrmrmrmr, thanks for the update. I have also been experiencing this intermittent issue where my thermostats are all individually controllable but the 5-2 app scheduler does not consistently take effect. It started happening in the past 30 days (scheduler worked fine for the past couple years) so your note about this being a ST cloud issue would make sense.

In the meantime, can you share the workaround you used in the smart app?

Thank you!

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In his case the timezone assigned to the hub by ST was incorrect which was causing the timers to fire at the wrong time.

If it’s started recently then it’s more likely a mesh degradation issue, check out this post: