Relay on/off/on/off/on/off

Equipment: Zooz ZEN34 and ZEN17 Relay.

I’m using this to control a feature on my tankless hot water heater, but the basics of what I’m trying to do. At the press of a button, I want the relay to close and then re-open as quickly as possible. If held close for more than about 3 seconds, the system goes into “error” mode, so a quick on/off (close/open) is needed.

I have this programed currently with a simple Routine that when pressed, it turns on and then after 1 second it turns off. This works PERFECTLY when my the smartthub has recently been used.

My issue comes into play when the smarthub has been sitting for hours unused by any devices, it seems to go into a bit of a hibernate (?) mode. And because my routine is so short, when I press my switch, the routine is done before the hub can wake up, go to the cloud and then execute…which then requires me to wait a few seconds a press the switch again.

Is there a way to program the swtich so that when the button is pressed, it has the relay go 1 sec on/ then off for 1 sec, then back on for 1 sec, and then back off for 1 sec…and so on for a few seconds. (Repeated on/off cycles won’t hurt the hot water heater).