Need Simple reboot device

I hoping someone will have run across what I’m looking for. I am looking for a smart plug that is normally closed. In other words, the plug is hot normally and disconnects power when active. I want to interrupt power so that I can power cycle and reboot a device.

Sorry, I’m confused by this description. Any networked plug controlled by SmartThings can be turned off by network command and then turned on again as long as the hub is working and has access to the SmartThings cloud. So that would allow you to power cycle any device other than the hub itself or the router.

If what you want is to power cycle your router or the hub itself, then there are devices that can help you do that automatically. Check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look in the project report section, and look on the “power” list and there are a number of threads there about rebooting routers which discuss these kinds of devices.

In your original post I’m just not quite following what you mean by “closed,” “hot,” and “active,” in this context. So if you could be more specific in your example by discussing the device that you want to reboot and when, we could probably be more helpful.

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I’m not looking to reboot my router but to reboot my Voip Ooma telo unit. I’m looking for a smart plug/outlet that would supply power to this unit 24/7 but can be interrupted when activated.

A normal smart plug/socket would have to be in the on state 24/7 which is not preferred and would lead to premature failure and relay problems. My 40 years of electronic experience makes me hesitant to run a smart plug energized 24/7.

Thanks for responding.

I believe they just work on relays. There isn’t a Normally Closed/Open option. You select if it’s on or off which will either open or close the relay. Maybe you are meaning if the power that supplies the device (Smart Plug) goes off and then when power is restored, what state does the plug return to?

If so, I know that the Iris Smart Plugs remembers it’s last state before loosing power…

For example, I have an Iris Smart Plug on my Car Charger. We have lost power to the house at least 4 times in the last 4 months, however, I haven’t had to anything to the plug. No resetting, no turning back on, no nothing. If the internet goes down, the plug still works like a normal outlet without any “Smarts”.

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Every smart device is designed to be powered 24/7. If they aren’t then the radios do not have power. For anything other than your ST hub, you can use any smart plug. If you want to remotely reboot ST hub, then you need a Wifi plug, since ST will have no way to turn it back ok once it turns off power to ST.

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Then you should know it only has a relay output and it’s designed and engineered to be On as long as you want.

Don’t know why you need that, but any controlled outlet will do that. Just don’t forget to turn it back on.


These are normally on. I have mine set to reset only so it always goes to the on state.

i use these… on my wifi not smart things. .in fact in my homes i have some of these on att access points as a backup internet (costs me an extra 20 per month) but then i can reboot the cable modem and router in the housue that is empty when there are cable internet issues… i have had to do it a few times…
also these are one of the few that remember state , so if power goes out and comes back on they go back on… Most do nott!

Thanks for all the replies. The only difference in what is readily available and what I was looking for is the relay used. I was wanting a normally closed relay which would be the fail safe condition.

Any relay SPDT/DPDT powered from a controlled outlet will do that.

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I’m not looking for a DYI project. All I wanted to do is to unplug my Ooma Telo and install a smart plug device with a normally closed relay.

The ezOutlet is NC, it’s the only one I know of that’s on until you switch it off. If you want another module that is NC with no power than send it to me and I will modify it for you.

Update. I replaced the relay on a Sonoff S20 and now have a simple reboot device. I chose the Sonoff S20 as it looked fairly easy to disassemble. I found a SPDT relay with he same foot print and size. Cut off the NO lead and drilled a tiny hole in circuit board for the NC lead. The new relay contacts are only rated at 3A but that’s plenty for my Ooma Voip telo. Works great.

Hi ramysr,

I know this thread is a few years old, but do you remember with which 1C relay you were able to replace the 1A that is used by Sonoff? I have been looking for hours but didn’t find one.


This was a one off project and I looked to see if I documented this. I can’t find anything on it. I’m sure I attacked this by opening the plugin sonoff S20 smart device and getting the part# off the relay. With that info I was able to track down the specifications on it. From there I’m sure I found an identical relay that I could modify.


I had some luck. I decided to check my workshop to see if I had relays leftover from that project. I did find the one I removed and a spare of the one I ordered for that project. I almost always order a spare.

I attached a data sheet I just downloaded on the relay. The relay is a JZC-32F but it comes in a couple different configurations. The original relay was a SPST type relay which just toggled on and off thus apply power to the plugs socket when activated. I n order to make this a reboot device I wanted power applied all the time and when activated to disconnect power to the plug. You will see on the data sheet there is a version of the relay that is a SPDT and this relay has 5 pins on the bottom. As I stated in my original post I Cut off the NO lead and drilled a tiny hole in circuit board for the NC lead.

Hope this helps. You can find some of these relays on ebay but be careful as many of these listings are for the 4 pin SPST and not the 5 pin SPDT.


(Attachment datasheet.pdf is missing)

Hi Rich,

Thank you very much for the info.

I also needed a normally closed NC circuit to reboot a 4G modem every few days. The additional benefit of swapping the relay is that when the Sonoff becomes defective the 4G modem probably remains powered on. From your older posts I was already aware of the extra pin and hole that needs to be drilled.

I currently have a Sonoff S26 with a Fanhar W11-1A2STLE-H (NO) and just bought the JZC-32F-005-ZS3 (NC) from Aliexpress (5pcs Jzc-32f 5v 12v 24v Power Relays Jzc-32f-005-zs3 Jzc-32f-012-zs3 Jzc-32f-024-zs3 10a 250vac 5pin - Relays - AliExpress).