Recurring routine for contact sensor left open?

I’m currently using the jsconstantelos smartapp to get notifications if a door has been left open for more than 10 minutes. What I like about this app is that it gives recurring notifications, therefore, I get an initial notification at 10 minutes and if the door stays open, I get recurring notifications every hour.

With the ST IDE going away, is there any other way to do this? I can create a routine for a door being left open but I don’t believe the routine will support recurring notifications.

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Hi @shobuddy

For one Door, you can do with one routines.
See this post


I’m really going to miss that app, badly… Sorry @shobuddy I don’t have a replacement, but take a look at what @Mariano_Colmenarejo posted.


The approach @Mariano_Colmenarejo mentioned should work in SharpTools as well.

I believe something like the following would work. Basically we trigger on either the door itself staying open for 10 minutes or the $RepeatDoorNotification variable changing to true. The first action is to send the notification and reset the variable to false. Then we wait 60 minutes and check if the door has been open for the last 59 minutes and if so, we flag the $RepeatDoorNotification to true so it will kick off the rule flow again (to send the notification and go through the delayed checks again).

Alternatively, some people prefer to use our Pushover integration. You can adjust the ‘priority’ of your message according to your needs. For example, the High priority messages can bypass quiet hours on your phone and the ‘Highest’ priority messages will continue notifying you until you acknowledge the message.


Hey, while I’m thinking about it…can you use SharpTools if you don’t have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub?

Because there are people who use Wi-Fi sensors like the Shelly sensors and it’s not yet clear if we’re going to have virtual switches without hubs in the new platform. But you could use the pushover method for this particular use case if The sharpTools side doesn’t need a hub. :thinking:

You do NOT need a hub to use SharpTools.
My 2nd location does not have a hub and SharpTools works for that location.


If enough people ask for it, they might bring it back. They changed announcement for end of groovy. Besides date change, now they are adding SevereWeather app to SmartLightning migration.
“Beginning September 30, 2022, at 00:00 (PST) we will start migrations of Groovy device DTHs as well as SmartLighting and SevereWeather SmartApps, two of our most popular Smartapps built on Groovy.”