Recording Electric Usage from a Smartthings Outlet

Just wondering if anyone has thought about this? Logging the usage from an outlet to a speadsheet or something along those lines?

I’m just thinking, if I can monitor my usage over a month it might help me identify what devices I should turn on more than others?


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You can use GroveStreams or IFTTT to do that.

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Definitely a use case that’s been discussed a few times, in addition to new products like Chai Energy (and others) that attempt to deduce device usage via artificial intelligence using a single whole home monitor.

For one sample way to collect outlet power data now, consider giving InitialState a try.

Is there anyway of using the Smartthings outlet for logging? Via the app you can see the usage in watts when its on, is there anyway of exporting that real time information?

Yes, as mentioned above groovestream, initialstate, IFTTT, and I’ll through in SAMI will all do that. There is a search button in the upper right hand corner that will give you details on each possible solution.


Sorry, I did use the search but I guess my search terms were not right as it brought up come completely unrelated items.

So that’s what that dang thing is for…well isn’t that nifty! You mean…you can put words in there and it will find them and bring back results?

…heavens, what will they think of next!

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The simplest thing to do is manually refresh and record the KWH once a month on the same day. Low impact.

The Aeon Smart Plugs standard devicetype has KW and KWH. Very nice.

The Centralite/SmartSense? plug standard devicetype has only KW. Not so good for a fridge.

I appreciate all of your replies, however currently i’m suffering the burden of being a UK resident… which restricts me somewhat, being that all of the above requires something that is either broken for us or not around over here yet,

:innocent: being a uk resident has it perks too, just not with SmartThings right now. @deano12, you know the uk has oauth issues… If you had put in your original post that you were in the UK, or were looking to do tracking w/o using oauth you would of gotten completely different responses, as right now there is not a way to do this.
I can tell you when oauth is fixed, I’d highly recommend SAMI, because its the only option that allows you to overlay multiple data points on top of each other at the same time, and that sounds like what you are looking for.

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